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Nature Russia: amazing lake
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Sightseeing Hiking in the Carpathians


Duration – 6 days.

Distance – 66 km.

The degree of complexity – medium.

Start – Lions.

Finish – Lions.

Interesting route that allows to admire the beauty of the legendary lake Synevir, and visit the interesting Museum Village. In addition, we will rise to several peaks of the Carpathian mountains, and the views of the national Park Synevyr will not leave You indifferent. Want to learn a lot and to admire the beauty of the Carpathian mountains? Then this route is for you! Meet in Lviv.

Plan hike and Synevir, Kolochava

1 day. Lviv is a village in toruń.

Day 2. Synevir lake – mountain lake – village of Bukovynka.

Day 3. S. Bukovynka – ridge Pyshkonya.

Day 4. Mountain grape – mount Negrovets mountain periwinkle.

Day 5. Tour Kolochava Mount Tapes – village Bochkovoe – lions

1 day. Lviv – the village of Torun (8 km)

With the instructor the group meets at the railway station of the city. To arrive there it is necessary to 7 in the morning. On the bus at 8.30 going to the village of Torun, where we will start Hiking part of the tour. First, go through the village, they will begin climbing the ridge. On a good road go slowly and breathe the pure air of the Carpathians. Soon we stop on a specific night, here you can watch the wonderful sunset.

Day 2. Synevir lake – mountain lake (1496 m) – S. Bukovynka (9.5 km)

This day you will remember forever! We will visit the most beautiful lake in the Carpathians, sung by many legends and ballads – Synevyr lake. It is located at an altitude of 989 meters, depth up to 10 meters with an area of about 5 hectares. the Water here is so clear that in the deepest part (22 m) you can see the bottom! In lake trout, but to catch it is impossible, just look at the beautiful fish. One legend says that the lake laugh count’s daughter Xin, on this spot on the orders of his father was killed by a stone of her beloved. Blue so sad and cried a lot, laugh a beautiful lake.

Day 3. The village of Bukovynka – ridge Pyshkonya (14 km)

In the village of Bukovynka we will visit the Museum of forest and alloy look line of Arpad. Arpad line is a defense line 600 miles long, was built for protection from the red Army, the Hungarians in the years 1943-44. The Museum of forest and alloy is one of a kind, it collected a lot of interesting exhibits which can tell a story as at all times, harvested and fused forest in the Carpathians. On our way we look at ancient dam, which was built in the 19th century. Then outside the village will go in the direction of the ridge Pyshkonya and near the picturesque lake will be on the night.

Day 4. Grapa mountain (1667 m) – Negrovets mountain (1707 m) is a mountain periwinkle (1461 m) (14 km)

Up early, camp, eat Breakfast and go to the top. Today we will climb to the ridge Pyshkonya, which affords a panorama of the Park Synevyr. Admire the beauty of Carpathian mountains and on the way up by three peaks of grape, Negrovets and periwinkle. At the foot of one of the peaks look high-mountain lake formed in the ice age, walk over the ridge and go down for the night.

Day 5. Tour Kolochava (10 km)

A unique village of Kolochava – one of a kind. In 10 of the 20 museums and monuments. We will try to attend them all, or most interesting. Climb the mountain to spend the night.

Day 6. Tapes mountain (1324 m) is a village Bochkovoe – Lviv (10 km)

The last day of the hike. To enjoy the views of the Borzhavsky ridge and the Peak we will ascend the mountain of Tapes. Then start the descent to the village Bochkovoe, from there we’ll go to Lviv. Train tickets must be purchased at time after 20.00.