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Where is the cheapest real estate in Ireland


Today, with the gradual ozhivaniya and recovery of the real estate market on the emerald Isle, it is useful to look at those places where you can buy a home for the price of a new car.

Location, location, location – here, perhaps, the three most key factors in choosing housing. Perhaps in our examples, it is not the best, but you can close much eyes provided low prices.

Completely empty house Ghost in Carrick-on-Shannon.

Top 5 places with cheapest accommodation in Ireland

No. 5. Donegal

The average price of a Bungalow with 4 bedrooms: € 144 000

Average price semi-detached house with three bedrooms: € 69 000

Donegal – a bright example of how you can invest money in real estate in the beautiful area of the country. Beautiful scenery and landscapes will be with you every day in plain sight.

Among the shortcomings of the region it is worth noting that no high business activity, the lack of jobs and therefore lack of demand. Towns and villages on the periphery of the destroyed and abandoned due to frequent emigration. Many accuse the government of inadequate focus on this region.

With regard to Letterkenny. the main city of the County, at the moment there is no semi-detached houses with 3 or 4 bedrooms more than 100 thousand euros.

Donegal and its landscapes

No. 4: Cavan

The average price of a Bungalow with 4 bedrooms: € 132 000

Average price semi-detached house with three bedrooms: € 64 000

Local estate agents believe that the days when many looked at the beauty outside the house gradually fading. The main advantage when selling real estate – is the placement. The distance from the capital reduces the demand for housing in Cavan and so here you can see the prices that are below cost of the construction.

However, Cavan are the famous lakes, which you can use to attract tourism. They are ideal for water sports and fishing for pike. These recreational activities are very popular among tourists from Germany and France.

Scenic lake Cavanaugh

No. 3: Leitrim

The average price of a Bungalow with 4 bedrooms: € 120 000

Average price semi-detached house with three bedrooms: € 58 000

Status of County Leitrim, as the less populated counties in Ireland, has a negative impact on the growth of real estate in the County. In this County is the high percentage of phantom buildings per capita. A local politician even estimate that an abandoned empty houses in the County, there are 7 thousand. And to all them to settle, you must increase the population to 70 percent.

The main disadvantage of these blocks-the ghosts, that they appeared in remote areas of the County. This occurred as part of the renovation of the housing stock in the agricultural sector of the country. Cavan and Leitrim resemble each other in that they do not have a large economic core, in addition to tourism, which is not permanent.

The highest demand for real estate in the County is Carrick-on-Shannon, and the low – Carrigallen. Still, local agents hope to improve the situation in the near future, as the country slowly is selected from the economic crisis.


No. 2. Roscommon

The average price of a Bungalow with 4 bedrooms: € 116 000

Average price semi-detached house with three bedrooms: € 56 000

House in County Roscommon are sold on average 25% below their cost. And localities Tulsk, Boyle and Strokestown offer price falls of 50 percent of spent scrip. This region is the second largest number of empty and unfinished houses.

However, if the Irish don’t see the value in selling to foreign buyers understand the beauty of buying a house for 50 thousand, which is worth 150. Buyers from Britain, for example, can sell that little house and buy a nice house in County Roscommon

Local agent John Earley noticed that the last 8 sales, customers were 6 British, one American and one Irish.

Castle in County Roscommon

The cheapest property in Ireland: County Leishi

The average price of a Bungalow with 4 bedrooms: € 116 000

Average price semi-detached house with three bedrooms: € 55 000

In terms of property website, County Leishi with only a slight advantage went around Roscommon. In the heyday of the economy, property prices here were quite high, but the collapse of the economy and increased fuel prices have discouraged those who bound the work in Dublin and life in Liise. In recent years, Dublin buyers left the market of real estate in this County, according to local agents.

But the recent rise of housing in Dublin gives us a chance and neighbouring regions. It is noticed that a growing real estate bubble in Dublin will entail increase of prices in Naas, then in Newbridge and in this way make it out to the County Leishi. A kind of Domino effect, that’s what I hope in the regions. But while that is currently the cheapest average price for property in Ireland is located in the County Leishi.

Well, the cheapest house in Ireland is in County Offaly. Bungalow with three bedrooms at the address Crinkill, Birr, Co Offaly sold for 19,950 euros.