Holidays at the lakes in Austria, the rest on the lakes of Austria in summer
  Rest on the lakes in Austria, the best tours in Austria, prices, reviews. Rest on the lakes of Austria in summer, hotels, last minute tours to Austria, Austria Carinthia…

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Journey to the Loch ness story,
  Loch ness in the North of Scotland became world famous thanks to the legend of the Loch Ness monster Nessie (Nessie). The stories of "eyewitnesses" for hundreds of years…

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Other shore: lake alternative the seas


The beach, swimming and even tanning is not always a holiday at the sea. No less remarkably, under the same motto you can relax on the lake. On earth, there is an amazing lake, so we offer this summer to spend the holidays outside the box — fresh bodies of water.

At the time, the beauty of this lake is appreciated Byron, Balzac and Nietzsche. Its quiet charm invites to lead a regular life — sunbathing and swimming in the waters of the lovely beaches, stroll the old streets of Orta San Giulio. And still — for hours, phlegmatic to sit on the terraces of the cozy taverns, overlooking the picturesque expanse of the lake. Orta is next to a typical Piedmont village dotted with colorful houses. Part of the city is the lake island of San Giulio, on which stands the ancient Basilica, the cemetery and the Benedictine monastery. In the morning mist Orta looks absolutely magical. The city has no luxury hotels, but quite comfortable and cozy guest houses are numerous. There are also lots of nice restaurants. But experts suggest that you remove near the lake apartment or room — that’s the beauty of non-tourist region. The hosts will feed you with national dishes — this is a great opportunity to sample the local cuisine.

Lake Constance

It is also called the Bodensee — it belongs to three countries: Switzerland, Germany and Austria — so if you start a journey around the pond, you get a multifaceted international voyage. Swiss young people go here on a floating raves, the German Herr and Frau relax in the thermal springs, the Russian oligarchs are starving in special clinics, located on the shore of the lake, as families with children wander by medieval castles and purchased Souvenirs. As you can see, Konstanz literally prudent and focused on all categories of tourists. Cultural entertainment is rife. In Meersburg you can go on a tour of the Old castle — one of the oldest in Germany, to examine a suit of armor and even a medieval torture chamber. On the island of Mainau is landscaped with a flower Park with statues scattered everywhere by the birds. Worth multimedia Museum of technology and aviation Zeppelin.

On the lake you can enjoy sailing, Windsurfing and superfirm, side by side in Wasserburg, there is a School of water sports. There are bus tours around the wineries so you can sample local Pinot Blanc, müller-Thurgau or Spatburgunder.

Summer at the shore is Braginski Austrian Opera festival. It’s an unforgettable sight — directly in the lake are building some bizarre scene, for example in the form of dying in the bath of Jacobin, Marat, and directly into her perform Beethoven.

The best on the lake hotel “Steigenberger Inselhotel” is located on an island just off Konstanz, built in the spirit of German romanticism. As budget option is camping.

Lake Saimaa

This great Finnish lake, is considered the fourth largest European lake. Its shores indented with bays, and the surface is dotted with Islands offer travelers amazing opportunities to explore. On the shores of the many Finnish saunas. Offer guided kayak tours and boat trips. Be sure to visit the national Park Linnansaari, where he lives the unique Saimaa ringed seal is an endemic species — only 300 pieces on the ground. Near the town of Kuopio, where you can climb to the observation tower Puijo, or visit the wine festival. For travelers offer numerous houses with saunas to large luxury villas.

Lake Issyk-Kul

It is the pearl of Kyrgyzstan, lake with slightly brackish water. The locals say that its chemical composition was identical to that of human tears. Issyk-Kul, surrounded by a chain of the Tien Shan mountains, is, like in the hollow. It’s a remarkably pleasant climate, even in winter, the lake does not freeze. Here the crystal clear water and almost pristine environment. On the coast many hotels, resorts and spas, from the time of construction of the USSR and brand new — luxurious pensions.

Nature Park Veps forest
Natural Park "Vepsian forest" - an original open air Museum that has preserved the unspoilt landscapes, indigenous forests, clean lakes and rivers, monuments of wooden architecture, traditional culture and crafts…


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