Volcanic tours
  Extreme sports enthusiasts will never stand still – they are looking for a new adventure and be sure to find them. They just need a splash of emotions and…

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The Lake of Sasyk, or Sasyk-Sivash
  Sasyk, lake Sasyk-Sivash (Ukr. The ones are Sasyk and the ones are Sasyk-Sivash, crimscott. Sasıq, Sasıq Sıvaş, Sasyk, lake Sasyk, Sivas) is the largest lake and saline lake on…

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Seven wonders of the present Turkey


When on vacation has it all — sea, sun, food and entertainment, — to leave the property optional. Thinks most of the tourists coming to Turkey — on «dacha Russian”. However, outside of hotels and hiding country, many still unknown


The smallest sea on the planet (with an area of 11 km 2 472. almost three times less Baykal) in the North-East is connected by the Bosphorus Strait to the Black sea, in the South-West — the Straits of the Dardanelles with the Aegean. Hence the ancient Greek name Propontis, which literally means “predmore”. Formed as a result of fracture in the earth’s crust, the sea separated Europe from Asia. Marmara sea never freezes, and because shipping routes are always open. This is important for Istanbul — the main port of Turkey


Only in Turkey travertine (limestone) terraces located on the South-West of the country in the province of Denizli. Travertine arose as a result of salt deposits from saturated with calcium hot springs. The water is considered curative. According to the legend, in one of the pools of Pamukkale was fond of Cleopatra. Today swimming is permitted only in the “pool of Cleopatra” (proof that it sailed the Queen, of course not). Other sources can only watch. And not to soil and not to destroy the natural beauty, walk on the terraces is allowed on a tourist trail and only barefoot or in Shoe covers


The biggest aquarium in Europe got through a panoramic tunnel-aquarium. In length it reaches 131 meters in width — three and occupies the entire floor of the aquarium. Walking under water, you can consider numerous stingrays, sharks, morays and other large fish. The smaller of the promised 10 000 marine animals live in separate aquariums on the first two floors of the Oceanarium. Between underwater scenery depicting a sunken Atlantis or the aircraft that crashed, there is a lot of colorful fish and a small octopus


The largest in Turkey . it is located on the South of the country, in Adana and together with the adjacent territory covers an area of 52 600 m2 (almost twice the size of red square). The mosque was opened relatively recently, in 1998. It was built at the intersection of major highways and city roads. The good location and size (four of the six minarets reaching 99 meters in height), the mosque is visible from almost any point in the city. The building is equipped with a radio system, which allows you to broadcast sermons in all mosques in a radius of 60 km


In the Armenian highland in Eastern Turkey has the largest lake of the country and the fourth largest permanent inland lake in the world. Its area — 3755 km2 — 1000 km 2 larger than the area of Luxembourg. The lake is the only kind of fish — Alburnus tarichi . or pearl mullet . of the carp family. Only this species can survive in water with a high concentration of soda. Local elders believe that bathing in the lake cures rheumatism


In 2007, near Kemer, built the longest cable car in the country . The cable car carries tourists from the sea to the sky — on Tahtali mountain, which in ancient times was called Olympos. According to the legend, there, as in the Greek Olympus there lived gods. The length of the cable car — 4350 meters. After 10 minutes of the trip, the tourists are on top of the mountain (2365 m). From here you have panoramic views of the southern coast of Turkey from Finike to side. In the winter the lift is used by lovers of snowboarding and skiing

Major lakes and rivers of the taiga
  The largest of the lakes and rivers of the taiga. The greatest rivers of the taiga are the Northern Dvina, Pechora, Ob (inflow of Irtysh), Yenisei, Lena. In this…


Residents of Tyumen will visit the unique lake Light
  Tyumen. The opportunity to visit the lake Bright and Black that are located in the vicinity of Tobolsk, is the residents of the Tyumen region. As told at the…

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