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Trip to Chao Lan lake


National Park Khao SOK — it is the primordial jungle, according to scientists. age of trees in the Park 160 million years, from ancient karst mountains, the height of which can reach up to 1000 meters. The biggest fault of these mountains created a lake, and most recently, in 1982. The depth of the lake is 150 meters.

Indescribable. Unreal. Very nice. But everything in order.

Phuket we were a company of 6 people. We rented a car Toyota Avanza. paying 1200 baht for each day of rental. I must say that the car, in my purely female view, not suitable for traveling long distances due to the fact that it does not boot. Where to put things 6 people — is unclear. Okay, I’m Packed and hit the road.

Road no one knew, went, as was shown by the Navigator and the driver. In total to go there about 3-4 hours from Phuket.

Along the way we stopped at an amazing temple with a huge statue of a sitting monk. Pofotkalis, stretched ass and on the road.

Arrived at the lake. The road, despite the fact that we didn’t know how to drive, took us almost 5 hours.

Godina pours as from a bucket. On the pier began to look for information about how to rent a house on the water, because I wanted to plunge into the romantic atmosphere of the lake.

But at the information Desk we were intimidated, now in Thailand long weekend, and it was the end of the vegetarian festival and all, literally all houses are occupied. But we are ready to offer 2 storey building with 3 mattresses (2 mattresses on the first floor and 1 on the second) only 5800 baht per night. But it is necessary else to get on the water. And here we are ready to help. 2500 baht for the transfer, and the entrance to the national Park 200 baht per person. A total of 9500 per night with a company of 6 people.

Conclusion: book the cabins in advance, the Internet is full of websites offering accommodation on the lake.

We thought about it and refused. Especially at the information Desk we met in a stunning Thai woman who speaks perfect English.

She and us took a turn. Proposed house on land, much cheaper apartment on the water.

Decided to save money and stay in a Cabana on the mainland. The house cost us 300 baht per person.

However, this house can be called a stretch — bamboo bungalows, but with kondeem, Telecom and, of course, with the facilities inside. However, we were satisfied, although in the night someone was running across our roof with squeals, squeaks and other animal noises.

The early risers, as you know… so we got up early and went to the pier to buy tickets for the boat.

Our Thai woman we met and all we organized. Boat trip cost us 700 baht per person, which is 5 hours. With this money, it’s 200 baht entrance fees to the national Park.

Plunged into a boat and went to surf. The views, of course, staggering in its grandeur and beauty. The water is deep saturated blue color. You’re a little man in a boat float past these behemoths, covered with green velvet tropical plants.

We were still in Sunny weather, so the tops of the mountains were buried in a dense fog. I noticed that none of the mountain was not sharp apexes, they are all soft, rounded, flowing lines. And those mountains that are not green are very beautiful striped pattern of black, red, beige.

On the way, we did stop at a floating village, where originally planned to stay the night.

Looking around, absolutely unanimously agreed on the opinion that we were very lucky to spend the night in a normal house.

On the boat we got to one of the extremities of the lake, and there on foot on a clay soil, through the pass reached the inner lake. Change accompanying the team and here we are on a raft made of bamboo go to the cave.

The raft was extremely colorful. This 5-6 foot stalks of bamboo connected across. All. Sit on it and in the way. Yes, many tourists are not able to get into the cave, because in the rainy season this pass just don’t go, you can drown in a clay soil. Many handbooks advise you to take to transition shoes,it’s slippery and it is better that the foot was fixed firmly. Although I did it in a more simple Shoe.

At the entrance to the cave on the ground is a sign with the rules. They are few, but the basic rule — nothing can be touched by hands. In the cave the stalactites and stalagmites are living microorganisms that are building houses out of limestone, so the stalactites resemble corals. And with their hands we can destroy it for life. All the stalactites and stalagmites are very bizarre. We found diamond and elephants and phalluses and terrible monsters from the movie «Alien». To all this splendor to be considered you will catch the lanterns. Ranger that with you in the cave has a flashlight and a lamp, but sometimes this is not enough.

We leave and go to the Guilin swim. Going to the place swimming downpour began, which spoiled all our plans. Urgently saved packages all photography equipment and dry clothes. Our boys swam in a warm lake, and we sat in the boat with no roof and the IOC. Just sitting and being wet is one thing, but when we headed towards the pier in the rain was not fun. We were all cold and tired from streams of cold wind and icy drops had nowhere to hide. Good that no one got sick.

At the pier we changed into dry and very warm clothes and headed towards the house. The road home took us 5 hours already, and only 3.