Major lakes and rivers of the taiga
  The largest of the lakes and rivers of the taiga. The greatest rivers of the taiga are the Northern Dvina, Pechora, Ob (inflow of Irtysh), Yenisei, Lena. In this…

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Berlin is the largest city in Germany both in area and population. British after London, Berlin is the second largest city in the European Union. Berlin ranks fifth among the…

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The Altai is a captivating edge


All who enjoy outdoor and leisure activities, should at least once in life to visit the Altai territory. It is called the Paradise for tourists. Here everyone will find something for themselves. Horseback riding, Hiking, hunting, skiing, climbing, fishing and much more. All of this can be found in the Altai region. Everyone who has visited it, tries to return and again to go around the vast expanses. Mountains, peaks, hills, lakes, valleys, waterfalls, meadows, impassable taiga – impossible to describe in one word the beauty of this region. This is a truly beautiful corner of Russia. The last time the Altai region is gaining its popularity, the crowds of tourists come to admire here. Pure mountain air and untouched nature make all people wishing to visit the Altai.

Altai Krai is located in the heart of Eurasia. If we translate the word “Altai” to Turkish, you get the “Golden mountain”. The landscape, the fauna and flora of the Altai is so diverse that it is impossible to find anywhere else such a beauty. Of course, most of this land is plains. They diluted the elevations and recesses, between which are the most famous lakes of the Altai territory. This is followed by the mountains that are year-round with snow-covered tops. The flora is varied, and surprising that there are found in almost all plants which grow in Asia. Dry steppes are replaced by Alpine tundra, which makes such a variety of flora. As for fauna, there are birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians that are not found in other places in Eurasia. These places you will not forget!

Places to travel in the Altai region. We will try to tell about the most beautiful of them. Certainly worth going along the route leading to the castle of Mountain Spirits. There you can enjoy the mountain air, recharge your incredible energy and listen to different legends. Another route will also give you unforgettable impressions. Rafting along the Katun is the Katun river. Here you can find the thrills that are so loved by the followers of extreme sports. You can take a horse ride on shavlinskoe lake. You will be amazed at powerful glaciers and massive gorges. Walking to the foot of Belukha mountain, you can see rock paintings, located in the times of those eras. The feeling of flying over the Chuy Valley gives a panorama from the hills near the river Chuya.

If you wandered to the Altai, you just need to visit all of its attractions. It is better to take the horses and enjoy the nature. Having extra time is a sin not to indulge in rafting along one of the lush rivers of the Altai. Having visited it once, be prepared for the fact that will want to return again and again!