Lake Nam-TSO is the highest lake in the world Exclusive
  About 200 years ago, in the late tertiary and early Quaternary took place gornolyzhnye Himalayan movement, which led to a significant increase in the earth's crust in the Qinghai-Tibetan…

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Lakes of the world and their classification
The most important characteristics of lakes . expressed in digits — the volume of water contained in, surface area, maximum depth and average its value. In directories, as a rule,…

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The Choice of boat and motor for trolling

Before guiding the conversation, what boat and motor are suitable for trolling, I will ask you one question: if you have a boat with a motor, can it move at the lowest speed with the speed of 2-3 miles an hour? If so, is this condition enough to catch trolling. Another thing, the place, the environment in which fishing occurs. You don’t eat on a small inflatable boat with an electric motor in the depths of lake Ladoga! And on a small slowly flowing lowland river in Central Russia, which is a good option.

That is, the conversation should start with, where you will catch, in what waters, how many people will be in your boat more often, what are your personal applications for convenience and comfort. The sizes of reservoirs can be divided into 2 categories, this large water area, as some places of the Volga river, its reservoirs, other major rivers, large lakes. And small reservoirs, such as small and medium-sized rivers.

In the first case, with a fairly strong wind, such boats as the cauldron of the South Korean and similar are not able to ensure full safety on the water. The same popular Kazanka, negatives water can easily capsize, leaving above water protruding nose. Therefore, large water spaces, you must have a boat, fit to sail when wave riding. All other small vessels, it is advisable to stay near the coast and at the slightest danger to leave the pond.

I recall one case where a friend of a fisherman, with a boat PVC with 8-horsepower engine had decided to cross the Volga (in the region of the confluence of Enotaevka). It was toward evening and we had to choose either to camp at the shore or cross over with increasing wind. Since it was early spring, the term nights did not suit him and he decided to slowly cross. Closer to the middle Volga wave cleared, so that was to wash over the boat, pouring over him from head to foot a good portion of chilling water. But the motor worked, the boat was moving, little by little, more and more absorbed water. Emptying it was no use, for this it was necessary to put five specially trained people. Sitting knee-deep in water and drenched, he still crossed the Volga, however, lost a box of lures, which just washed away with the next wave. The boat was filled with water completely. Yes, for a big wave boats PVC not intended, but they have one undeniable advantage – they are not unsinkable. Even if you have broken one of the three cylinders that are always on the go move slow under motor. I think here everything is clear, big water – big boats.

On medium and small rivers in recent years, the PVC boat is already more than half of all small boats compared to boats, and the boats of the Kazanka river and a homemade wooden (plywood) boats. Their popularity is understandable, compact when folded, do not require special means for transportation in the form of trailers, so not tied to a specific reservoir, do not require a lot of storage space, easy to maintain and durable.

Therefore, in such waters the choice is, above all, stands between traditional Kazakami – Southerners and PVC boats. As the number of boats in fishing shops is huge, for every taste and budget, it is possible to dwell on specific models will not. How to pick up the boat under the boat motor we have already described in a previous article. Let me remind you that there are calculations to select motor power for a certain boat with a full load and without it.

It only remains to determine the electric motor, a gasoline two-stroke or four-stroke. On operating experience I can say that for rivers with medium to fast current, the motor will not work. Too fast to take the battery. In small bodies of water without currents the motor will be ideal. For example, while fishing at the Cheboksary reservoir, my friend caught the circles along the shore, moving the whole day on a boat with a motor. During the evening gatherings, after fishing, loaded it from a gasoline generator, which we took to lighting the camp, on the following day. And so for a whole week.

About how to choose gasoline engine, two-stroke or four-stroke, many opinions. And, both engines have pluses and minuses, so, in the end, the choice is yours. Here are some of them.

The advantages of four-stroke outboard motors: no need to worry about oil for gasoline, don’t need it, at idle and closer to average speed two-stroke engine is quieter (at high speeds no difference), less smoky exhaust at low speed, more stable operation.

Cons four-stroke motors: permanently you need to monitor the position of the motor, as when certain positions you can leak oil from the crankcase. Another negative – weight four-stroke engine two-stroke significantly more. It should also be noted that chetyrehkantnyj has a more complex structure. So you need to be prepared that maintenance and repairs will get more expensive.

Now, considering all the pros and cons, you may prefer one or another motor.

In the following article we will pass to the equipment of the boat Navigator and depth sounder .