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The inhabitants of the Kazachinsko-Lensky district are fighting for Swan lake


They stood on their defence more than once. Today on the agenda again – Swan lake. Residents of Kazachinsko-Lensky district must decide whether to protect them. The author of the project of the natural Park – doctor of biological Sciences, academician of the international Academy of Sciences Pyotr Naumov. He is a native of this place and supports them wholeheartedly. For the creation of a specially protected territory of the scientist struggling for forty years. And to no avail.

– In 1976, the territory was reserved by the government of the Russian Federation. Already it would seem. But since the 80-ies up until now the work on the organization of the natural Park here, – said academician of the International Academy of Sciences of higher school Peter Naumov.

Lake Near, Far, Dargon. A unique natural complex. Here is home to 14 species of animals and birds listed in the international Red book. This is the only place in the area where swans settle-whooping swans. The southernmost of them nesting in Russia. There are up to 500 individuals. At the public hearings, local residents voted for the creation of a natural Park with an area of 66 thousand 800 hectares. However in the regional Ministry of natural resources district administration sent two variants of the refuge. One of which is his territory – a total of 25 thousand hectares.

– The meaning is completely changed. It is impossible to explain to animals that they should be around a second lake. And the main idea in this area should not be economic activities, – said Deputy Chairman of the Duma of the Kazachinsko-Lensky district Paul Egorov.

According to public opinion, 25 thousand hectares is not enough. As it has happened several times, I’m sure Pavel Egorov, forest put up for auction for timber harvesting. And it means – close to Swan lakes will start to cut pine and cedar. Deputies of regional Duma has sent letters to the regional government and Legislative Assembly.

– The position of deputies of the Legislative Assembly one need to do the maximum possible in order to maintain this reserve. And it is about 70 thousand square meters, the best resource that we need, – said the Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region Gennady Nesterovich.

Will there be in Kazachinsko-Lensk area natural Park, and the size is now resolved in the regional government. The problem in financing. To reserve will contain the field. However, at stake is a unique lake, which in the case of logging will cease to be a home for swans.