The Most beautiful volcanic lakes in the world
  Volcanic or crater lake formed after the eruption, when the crater is clogged with the debris of rocks and volcanic mass, and then filled with rain water, less groundwater,…

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Russian Internal waters: Lakes
  On the territory of Russia there are over 2 million lakes. Basically it is a small lake with a water surface area less 1 km2. Large lakes are few.…

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The deepest lakes of the world


Tourists love to spend time on the shores of lakes located around the world. Today we offer you to travel and visit the five deepest lakes in the world.

Lake Matano, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Indonesian lake Matano occupies the fifth place in our ranking of the deepest lakes in the world. Its depth is 590 m. the lake is home To dozens of species of algae and endemic fish species.

Tourists vacationing at the lake, you can water skiing, Canoeing and scuba diving. Around the lake there are several nature trails.

Great Slave lake, Canada

This lake is second largest lake of Canada. Its maximum depth is 614 meters.

Vacationers on the lake doing mostly fishing, and wildlife observation. Around the lake are inhabited by many species of animals and birds, including foxes, wolves and coyotes.

Lake Malawi, Rift valley, Africa

The maximum depth of lake Malawi is 706 m. It is the third largest freshwater lake in the world. The lake is located between Mozambique and Tanzania.

In 2011, the lake received official status as a nature reserve. On lake Malawi include scuba diving, underwater hunting or poisoning on a boat trip.

Lake Tanganyika, Rift valley, Africa

The maximum lake depth of 1 470 m. the Lake stretches for 72 km. It is located on the territory of four countries — Zambia, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The lake is surrounded by picturesque mountains. Tourists visiting the lake Tanganyika, are engaged in wildlife observation, fishing and scuba diving.

Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Lake Baikal is also called the Pearl of Siberia. It is the deepest lake in the world, its maximum depth is 1 642 meters And the average depth of the lake is 744 m.

Lake contains 20% of the world’s fresh water. The unique ecosystem of lake Baikal: from 1 700 species of plants and animals 1 100 are endemic. Annually to admire the most beautiful lake in the world attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world.