More about vacation spot
  In this wonderful place the child can breathe the atmosphere of care, kindness, attention. Children waiting for the sun, a lot of new friends,cheerfulness and energy for the new…

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Trip to Chao Lan lake
  National Park Khao SOK — it is the primordial jungle, according to scientists. age of trees in the Park 160 million years, from ancient karst mountains, the height of…

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Major lakes and rivers of the taiga


The largest of the lakes and rivers of the taiga. The greatest rivers of the taiga are the Northern Dvina, Pechora, Ob (inflow of Irtysh), Yenisei, Lena. In this natural area are also located the middle reaches of the rivers Indigirka, Kolyma, Amur. Of all the lakes of the taiga the largest are Ladoga and Onega.

Geography grade 8

a summary of other presentations

“Kamchatka” – the longest summer — from 4 to 5 months in the South of the Peninsula. Reindeer. Orlan. Phyllodoce Aleutian. The Peninsula stretches from North-East to South-West for 1200 km Karymsky Volcano (1536 m). The lava cave. In the southern part of the sea, in the center and North temperate continental. The climate of Kamchatka sea monsoon, more severe in the West than in the East. Plants. Bordering the West of the Okhotsk sea, East Bering sea and Pacific ocean.

“Caucasus mountains” – In the foothills of the Caucasus. The area of glaciation about 150 sq. km was Prepared by the student of 8 class Steppe middle school Irina Ivanova. Name the Caucasus mountains “Grouches”, which means “white snow”. A place for lovers of mountaineering and skiing. The mountain chain of the Caucasus. The Pearl Of Great Caucasus – Elbrus. The region offers unique opportunities for active recreation. View of mount Elbrus. Active rest in any time of the year.

“The climate of Russia grade 8” – Climatic zones and areas of Russia. Astrakhan. Recorded the largest annual amplitude of air temperature – 106,7 °C. Yakutsk. Climate-forming factors. Oymyakon-the pole of cold. The recorded maximum air temperature +43,7 °C. the lowest Recorded temperature -71 °C. unique Climate of Russia. The map of climatic zones of Russia. Climate.

“Natural resources of the Russian plain” – problems of rational use of natural resources. Natural resources. Karelia old Russian Valday, the Volga cities of the Golden ring of Russia. Mineral resources. Water resources. What territory of the Russian plain is most altered by man? Mineral water agro-climatic and forest recreation. What measures are taken to preserve natural landscapes? Agro-climatic. Forest resources. Natural resources of the Russian plain.

“Geography of Tatarstan” – The S. the Bolshaya Atnya settlement Baltasinsky district. What types of plants included in the Red book of the Republic of Tatarstan? Atna (68,1 thousand hectares). How many cities of Republican subordination. The Area Of The Republic Of Tatarstan. List of cities of district subordination. Nurlat. The pre-Volga region. Oil,gas,bitumen,oil shale,building materials. Into what three natural districts of the divided territory of Tatarstan? What rivers are right tributaries of the Kama? The youngest city of the Republic?