Lake Nam-TSO is the highest lake in the world Exclusive
  About 200 years ago, in the late tertiary and early Quaternary took place gornolyzhnye Himalayan movement, which led to a significant increase in the earth's crust in the Qinghai-Tibetan…

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These amazing Sergius lake district
  These amazing lakes Sergievsky district. T the backpacking becomes our profession but the experience gained in the campaign helps us to more sensitively relate everything that surrounds us. From…

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The Largest salt lake in the world


In the world there is quite much number of salt lakes – large and small. For the most part they are located in dry areas are endorheic basins. However, there are those sizes that are, simply amazing human imagination. This article will talk about the huge salt lakes of our planet.

1. Caspian sea. All it is called a sea, but actually it is a large saline lake. It is the water area of 371 000 square kilometers. If you explore all the healing factors, the Caspian sea can become an excellent place for rest and treatment. However, the political relations of States, which are placed around it, being unable to create a good tourist infrastructure.

2. The Aral sea. This lake is considered to be on the verge of extinction, because back in the 60-ies of the last century it began to dry out. It was formed by the waters of the two rivers that flowed into it (the Syr Darya and Amu Darya), but it began to be used for economic needs. Today the Aral sea as such does not exist. It was divided into two large lakes – Northern, southern Aral.

3. The dead sea, which belongs to three countries – Israel, Jordan, Palestine. The water in this sea is truly unique, has a fairly large percentage of mineralization. People from ancient times used their unique healing properties. Numerous streams of tourists headed this way today. Many clinics in Israel, patients are advised to take a dip in the Dead sea.

4. A huge salt lake in USA, it is the largest salt lake in all areas of America. It is in the desert, is considered a major source of production of Glauber’s and common salt.

5. Lake Elton. It is considered one of the largest salt lakes in Europe, however it is located in Russia and specifically in Volgograd region. Salt production here was carried out for a long time, but today there are built balneological resorts.

6. Sivash. The famous siwash is located on the South of Kherson region in Ukraine. The percentage of mineralization of the lake is not inferior even to the Dead sea, that’s why many tourists go there in order to get rid of various diseases.

7. Baskunchak. Since ancient times this lake was called “Salt mill” Russia. In fact, it produces more than 80 percent of salt of the country. This lake is situated in the Caspian valley. Because of the large deposits of blue clay here it is possible to open a Spa resort. Around the lake the area is protected, that is why many tourists wish to visit this wonderful place.

8. Underwater salt lakes. These lakes are in the Arctic and Mexican bays. Interestingly, they appear due to the difference in salinity. For the reason that sea and fresh water have different salinity, they never mixed.