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Kolsai lakes and lake Kaindy


Our travel Agency invites You to Hiking and horse Hiking routes in the area Kolsai lakes and lake Kaindy, which are located in the Eastern parts of the Kungei Alatau, three hundred kilometers from Almaty. The nearest settlement is the village of Saty (Almaty 280 km)

Kolsai Lakes are the dark blue color of the water, they are surrounded by flowering Alpine meadows, cliffs and vast coniferous forests of Tien Shan spruce . and they are located in cascade one after another, in one huge and awesome beauty of the mountain gorge. They are called ‘the blue necklace of Northern Tien-Shan’ and, having seen them at least once, it is impossible to forget this splendor!

The road leads to the first lake . which actually starts to rest. The distance from Almaty to the first Kolsai lake – 330 km Stretches for 1 km along the gorge, at a height of 1818 meters, There are comfortable tourist camp hotel.

The second (middle) lake is the beautiful Kolsai lakes, situated at 5 km above the gorge, at a height of 2252 m. In the bottom of the lake is smooth meadow.

The third lake is 6 km higher than the second, the height difference between them is 800 metres away. The lake water is very cold. The climate in this high mountain region: summer daytime temperatures up to 30 degrees at night 5-10 degrees. Season – from June to September.

In another 6 kilometers, on Kyrgyz border, a traveler will pass Sary-Bulak (3278 meters) with gorgeous views of the blue Issyk-Kul. All travel (25 km) can be done on a horse in one day, on my feet for three days. In the stunning river gorge Kutyrgan You will be fishing in the Queen of fish – the trout.

Kaindy lake

In the adjacent valley Kaindy You will see another beautiful lake of the same name. To your amazement you will see the trunks of fir-trees in the water, resembling the masts of the flooded ships!

In addition to tourist routes, the proposed program for hunting in autumn-winter period.

Tourists are provided with all necessary equipment.

You will be working with experienced guides who have experience in this area for over 8 years.

We guarantee You the service and security!

The price includes: three meals a day, security, work of guides and service staff, equipment rental. All necessary equipment, including Your personal belongings, the entire route will be carried by horses.

On request, we provide comfortable transport, which will deliver in the area of Kolsay lakes (extra charge).

Summer season opens June 1 and lasts until September 30. 15 may-open season for fishing trout in the river gorge Kutyrgan.

With prices, recommendations for travelers, the rules of conduct on the route You can find in our office.