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A lot of poetry, prose and just good words devoted to Karelia. The nature here is really diverse. Whereas 20 years ago many people never heard of Karelia.

“Korean?” – I asked in surprise, peering into my eyes (but they are very ordinary, the Russians).

Of course, not only nature is famous for Karelia. The shrines and monuments of wooden architecture, the national Park Paanajarvi, the largest freshwater lake in Europe – Ladoga, waterfall Kivach. Ancient petroglyphs at Besov Nose (petroglyphs, translated from Greek- “carving on a rock”), Museum-reserve “Kizhi” — one of the largest museums in Russia under open sky.

This, and more, appealing to our the Russian people who want to know about Russia a little bit more.

In every corner of the Republic of Karelia lies something interesting.

Just below – about the attractions of the North Ladoga area, whose borders include the town of Sortavala and the Valaam island.


The town of Sortavala is located on the South-West of Karelia, on the territory of Northern Ladoga. With respect to the Ladoga, located on the Northwest shore of the lake, on both sides of the Gulf of Lappajarvi.

Sortavala has a status of “Historical city”. A small town with its cosy streets with Finnish-Swedish architecture (at the beginning of last century this territory belonged to Finland). Learn about the city’s history at the Museum of Northern Ladoga and by visiting the exhibition hall Kronid Gogolev (the gallery of masterpieces relief carving)


40 minutes by boat from Sortavala, Valaam island is the ancient monastery, hermitages, and amazing nature (the Valaam discussed separately, see tab “Balaam”).


65 km from Sortavala towards the Russian-Finnish border is the lake Janisjarvi. Janisjarvi is one of the most interesting monuments of planetary history is the trail of the asteroid, with a diameter of over a kilometre, has fallen to 950 million years ago (when the Earth was not the dinosaurs!).

Today this trail is a small, up to 15 kilometers in diameter, beautiful lake.


In the village of Ruskeala (30 km from the city) is Mountain Park Ruskeala is a unique complex monument of nature and mining history.

The pearl of the Mining Park is Marble canyon. 300 years ago it was mined for the extraction of stone. In the array formation of marble carved by human hands a huge bowl, which, after getting gradually filled with water. Now it is a lake of emerald hue and framed by cliffs, which reach heights of 25 m.

On the edge of the canyon Hiking tourist trail, which conducts sightseeing tours.


In the North Ladoga area highlights its beauty Ladoga skerries.

From Sortavala municipal pier to the archipelago at hand (approx. 5-10 min.). They start at the exit of the Gulf of Lappajarvi.

Skerries is a rugged Straits rocky coast with lots of Islands – big and small. Some of them are so small that represent a rolling pin sticking out of the water, which will fit standing only a few people.

Mainly the island is covered by forest. Go to the shore the water is flat smooth rocks or sandy beaches, or break high and steep.

Enjoy skerries – a rare treat, but you can relax on the island overnight, taking with him the tent and the pot.

Learn more about skerries and water routes in the “Ladoga skerries”

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The location of the Republic of Karelia: the Extreme North-West of Russia, near the border with Finland.

Capital City: Petrozavodsk

Population: 703 thousand people

Total size: 180,5 thousand square km

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