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Nature Park Veps forest

Natural Park “Vepsian forest” – an original open air Museum that has preserved the unspoilt landscapes, indigenous forests, clean lakes and rivers, monuments of wooden architecture, traditional culture and crafts invites you to visit.

Natural potential, availability zones and ecosystems, preserving the nearly pristine ecological purity, is of interest for tourists, for all who wish to commune with nature in all its glory. And so, along with conservation, research and ecological and educational tasks, one of the activities of the nature Park is a recreational activity. It is an organization of tourism and recreation in the lap of picturesque and ecologically clean nature.

Remoteness from the centres of industry developed, beautiful lakes, rivers, springs, great fishing, rich Amateur hunting, different difficulty routes – all this attracts people with different requests and ideas about the outdoor recreation. The nature of the “Veps forest” at any time of the year offers many opportunities for recreation.

Here, at the watershed of the Baltic and Caspian seas, are preserved intact unique natural complexes and objects: vast forests, ancient spruce and pine forests, ancient swamps, hundreds of lakes, springs and waterfalls, rare species of plants and animals. Naturally and organically fit into the surrounding landscape of the Veps and Russian log huts, churches and chapels…

Here is restored emotional and physical health not only due to the silence and purity of nature, but also the special aura of these places.

The locals will gladly offer you a set of traditional activities and entertainment. Russian bath, fishing and seasonal hunting, gathering mushrooms and berries. horseback riding. Forest walks on foot or with a boat trip on the lake will take your life and athletic tone.

The attractiveness of this area for visitors to the Park increases due to the high historical and ethnographic potential. There are Veps – a small nation of Russia, with its culture, tradition and language. In the villages there are monuments of rural architecture, folk traditions, folk crafts.

Promising development in the natural Park are the following areas of tourism:

– Rural tourism;

– Cognitive tourism;

– Sports and extreme tourism;

– Fishing and hunting;

– Tourist routes.

Welcome to enjoy the nature “Vepsian forest”!