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More about vacation spot


In this wonderful place the child can breathe the atmosphere of care, kindness, attention. Children waiting for the sun, a lot of new friends,cheerfulness and energy for the new academic year. The summer camp operates on the extensive program that provides not only relaxation, but also contributes to the development of the creative potential of the child.

Each day at camp is an amazing and unique; the child will choose something to their liking in one of the workshops of sporting, creative and applied projects.

In our camp children’s imagination finds fertile ground for the development of children’s mind – food for constant reflection, children energy – output in the form of creative activities and the help of friends.

Methods and techniques of recreation holidays for children

The rational day regimen with alternating all kinds of activities:

– maximum stay of children in the fresh air and the use of natural forces of nature;

– rest, sleep, a full five meals a day;

– conduct health, sports, cultural activities: gymnastics, study groups, trips, excursions, and guided games area, sports competitions, events, workshops.

Why Your child should come to rest in our camp «New Wave”?

Because we camp:

Rich experience in organization of summer holidays for children!

Professional team of teachers and staff!

The guarantee of reliability and quality of services!

Amazing nature, beautiful lake!

A long tradition!

Comfortable environment!

A variety of programs of development of creative abilities of children! Individual approach and taking into account the interests of each child!

All the guys live in a separate building with game rooms. All buildings are equipped with Autonomous heating system.

The camp is tasty and varied nutritious meals.

Our camp is located in one of the best ecologically clean areas of Moscow suburbs. Beautiful nature, clean air, unique ecology, relict coniferous forest, rich infrastructure of everything you need for a perfect and comfortable stay for your child! On-site recreation in the landscaped delights of a cozy gazebo where you can spend time and relax in a friendly unit circle. It features a large bedroom residential building.

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On each floor housing sleeping rooms are 2-3 bedded with private facilities. Each room has:

wooden beds;


large closet with shelves;




the bathroom ( shower, toilet, sink)

For each squad are equipped with large halls (classes) with satellite TV, a cooler with drinking water, couches and specially equipped places for children. Have suitcase room. Cold and hot water is supplied round the clock.

Cozy dining room for 180 persons always has fresh and delicious cuisine that meets all the requirements:

rational, balanced diet to meet the daily nutritional standards of children and their age and assuming a wide, daily changing specials Board;

frequency of eating: five times a day (Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, first dinner, second dinner (the dream book));

diet: daily inclusion in the menu of fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, the use of iodized products, fortification of food;

– providing children with drinking water that meets sanitary standards;

catering is carried out with observance of requirements of SanPiN;

the agreement of the veterinary Department for the procurement, storage, implementation.

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Sample menu