A lot of poetry, prose and just good words devoted to Karelia. The nature here is really diverse. Whereas 20 years ago many people never heard of Karelia. "Korean?"…

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The other Side of the Earth: the lava lake in the Nyiragongo volcano
  Night. Legs ache, tent gushing downpour. The wind seeps into the cracks under the awning, and walking in a light rain the tent, forcing us to cuddle closer and…

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Unique lake trying to save on Sakhalin island


If not to clear channel, which connects the sea of Okhotsk and Changeable, we can change water-salt regime of the lake and the salinity of the mud

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, August 1, SakhalinMedia. Unique lake is Changeable, having the status of a specially protected area of Federal level are trying to save on Sakhalin, RIA SakhalinMedia with reference to the press service of Russian Federal fisheries Agency ctuu. If not to clear the channel connecting it and the sea of Okhotsk, we can change water-salt regime of the lake and the salinity of the mud, which is mined there.

At the meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the government of Sakhalin oblast with the participation of heads of the regional Ministry of natural resources and environment, the regional Duma, the Sakhalin-Kuril territorial administration Rosrybolovstva, FSUE “SakhNIRO” and several other environmental agencies a question was raised about the requirement of cleaning the ducts that connect the lake is Changeable and the sea of Okhotsk.

To perform this task, the user of water object – OOO “Lake Mutable” was recommended to develop design documentation and obtain the approval of the Supervisory authoritiesto carry out works.

On 30 July the company, which is engaged in mining on the shores of mud lake, presented to the Ministry a package of materials, including flow charts of dredging and mining (removal of sand from vodoohranoy zone), with a representative expert opinion of the Department of water resources in the Sakhalin region, the Amur water basin authority and other regulatory bodies.

After reviewing this documentation in the next few weeks, experts shall issue a decision on granting of the ducts in use.

As explained by the Director of “the Lake Mutable”, clearing the water body will allow you to adjust the water-salt regime of lake salinity and dirt. It is extracted in a volume of 200 cubic meters per year. That mud is now used in four of the sanatorium of the Sakhalin region, and there is interest in it from the Khabarovsk and the Chinese.