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The Amazing lake


Objectives:1.Learn interesting facts about ozera.Why the lake is a mystery of nature

Blue lake is located 30 km South of the city of Nalchik

From the history of research Blue lake

Dinnik I. I. Shchukin, I. Kuznetsov

Amazing and unique waterfront is one of the mysterious phenomena of nature.

My goal.

To learn more about unique lake and talk about it.


1.Learn interesting facts about the lake Chirik-Kel;

2. Why the lake is a mystery of nature;

Many lakes on Earth. I’ll tell you about one of the mysterious lake.

This blue lake is 30 km South of g .Nalchik.

There is a legend that the depression under the lake was formed in the fall of the dragon. The dragon lies at the bottom and fills the lake of tears.

Blue lake (Chirik–Kel) – a unique monument of nature. It is the second in the world in the depth of the source and the aquifer is a pit with steep walls.

The water is crystal clear, transparent walls of the lake visible to a depth of 22 m.

Its color changeable. When weather is clear, pale blue, and when other weather conditions changed to azure.

Blue lake has a greenish-blue color and a constant water temperature of 9.3 °C. Located at an altitude of 809 m above sea level. Depth is 368 m.

The lake water is weakly mineral and you only live algae.

One of the first Blue lake described geographer, zoologist I. Dinnik in his work “a Trip to the USA in the years 1887-1890”. At the beginning of the 20th century geographical research in this area conducted Shchukin. The study of Blue lake did Ivan Georgievich Kuznetsov – kalicanin, graduated from the Mining Institute in Petrograd in 1919, Professor, doctor of Sciences. For a study of the lake Chirik–Kel he was awarded the silver medal of the Russian Geographical society.

There is never waves and poor visibility, and diving underwater in the Blue lake can be conducted all year round.

But the main mystery of the lake remains unsolved. Neither the river nor a stream flow into the Blue lake, and flows out during the day, 70 million liters of water.

Blue lake will be explored in the new project. Scientists plan to study the reservoir using deep-sea robots and 3D scanners.

Amazing and unique waterfront is one of the mysterious phenomena of nature.