Trip to Chao Lan lake
  National Park Khao SOK — it is the primordial jungle, according to scientists. age of trees in the Park 160 million years, from ancient karst mountains, the height of…

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The most Beautiful lake in the Chelyabinsk region ruthlessly destroys the plant for the production of sand
Water with great speed pumped into the quarry. Complaints from local residents so far lead to nothing. However, anxious people have managed to make a barbarous business was checked by…

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Еhe most picturesque lakes of the Earth


Turquoise and blue lakes

1. Blue shades of this Alpine lake Peyto in Banff National Park, Alberta (Canada) will not leave anyone indifferent.

2. The Perito Moreno lake in Patagonia (Argentina). This wonderful turquoise waters of the lake reflect the overhanging glaciers.

3. Five flower lakes in the national Park Jiuzhaigon (China) is known to many thanks to its transparent turquoise waters. On the photo one can clearly see the trees lying on the bottom.

4. Another photo is of Peyto lake in Banff National Park, demonstrates how can change the color of the lake when the cloud change.

5. This is a volcanic lake in Flores acquired a bright turquoise color due to unicellular algae and bacteria.

6. Algae can change the color of the lake water the color of hot chocolate.

7. Blanca lake in the National Park Mt Baker-Snoqualmie, Washington (USA). The color of the water of this lake resembles the color of sea water.

8. Yamdrok TSO is translated from Tibetan as “the turquoise lake”. This is an artificial lake formed during the construction of the dam is at a height of over 4500 meters above sea level in the Tibetan mountains.

Green and yellow lake

1. Lake Uyuni, Bolivia. Dark green water of the lake mountains in the background look more like computer graphics than real photos.

2. Wise lake in Congaree National Park, Caroline (USA). Waters of this forest lake in green painted hanging tree branches.

3. Photo taken through the glass of sunglasses, flooding the lake Kournas (Crete) and all the surrounding green.

4. Yellow-green lake in the woods Unity.

5. This photo of Golden lake is a natural. The setting sun paints the waters of the lake in a Golden color.

6. Cool sunset on a lake near Starkville, Mississippi (USA).

7. Lake Henley in New Zealand. The lake water is painted in orange-metallic light by the setting sun.

8. The Wisconsin lake at dawn.

Purple and red lake

1. The great salt lake in Uyuni (Bolivia). The red color is caused by a large number of microscopic organisms living in the upper water layer and the salt crust.

2. Deep red lake at Sanetsch pass in Switzerland.

3. Another Red Lake in Uyuni Bolivia.

4. Red lake near Abertville in the French Alps.

5. Red salt lake, Tunisia. Surprisingly, as bacteria, colour the lake red, survive in the Tunisian desert.

Lake at colorful sunset

1. Unnamed lake in Berlin.

2. Lake Francis in California (USA), painted in a beautiful purple, pink and orange shades.