Lakes of the world and their classification
The most important characteristics of lakes . expressed in digits — the volume of water contained in, surface area, maximum depth and average its value. In directories, as a rule,…

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Australian lake
Australia is a very picturesque and exotic country that is ideal for permanent residence. Those who are going to go on a trip or to obtain Australian citizenship, there is…

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Water resources


The number of natural and artificial reservoirs, water and hydropower resources of the Perm Krai ranks first in the Urals. According to official figures, the water Fund of the Perm region are: about 29 thousand rivers with a total length of more than 90 thousand kilometers (for comparison, the same length are all Russian Railways); about 800 lakes with a total area of over 120 square kilometers; nearly 1,000 wetlands, along with marshy forests occupy over 25 thousand square kilometers of area; various types of underground waters; snow — 2 perennial snowfield located at the North-East region in the Tulym range; ice cave more than 10 karst caves; 3 reservoir area of more than 3 thousand square kilometers; almost 500 ponds; 2 ancient interbasin canal: North-Catherine — between Gorichem and North Keltoi and Prokop — between Chepsoi in the basin of the Vyatka and Culicidae in the pool of Ocher. The main river of the Perm region, and just West of the Urals certainly is the Kama river.

the Kama river

Rzigalinski waterfalls

The largest lakes are located in the North of the Perm region:

Chusovoy (19,4 sq km)

Big Comicus (17.8 square miles)

Novogilova (7,12 sq km)

The highest surface salinity of the lakes is lake IPAM (25,6 g/l) in Solikamsk area. The largest of the underground is currently considered the lake in the grotto peoples ‘ Friendship in Kungur ice cave (1,300 m). All of them in this cave discovered for more than 60. They are known in other karst caves — Pashian, Divya, Kizel, Orda.

The deepest lakes (all of which are of karst origin):

Rogalik (depth 61 m)

White (depth 46 m)

Great in Dobryansky area (depth 30m)

Some lakes of Prikamye are protected by the state. State reserve on lake chusovskoe created to protect thousands of birds. The reserve on lake of Hell is intended to preserve the nests of rare in our region whooper Swan.

In the Perm edge there are larger than lakes and ponds, reservoirs — reservoir, created in connection with the construction of HPP Kamskaya and Votkinskaya Kama, Shirokovskikh on the Kosva river. The Kama reservoir, residents of the region often called the Kama sea, thus pay tribute to its size and importance.