The action "Clean lakes of Sverdlovsk oblast"
  16 April in Novouralsk was held the action "Clean lakes of Sverdlovsk oblast". The initiative to hold such a rally was made by the Ural electrochemical combine and Novouralsk…

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Germany - Marburg
  To live and work under one roof surrounded by nature! The perfect estate for family and Restaurant for business. Living area – 96 sq. m. Restaurant – 292 sq.…

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Nature Russia: amazing lake


Lakes of Russia – one of the national wealth of our country. They can be large and small, freshwater and saline, deep and shallow. Before You five amazing lakes of Russia.

Caspian sea — lake, the biggest in the world by area and volume of water. K its shores appears five States. The salinity of the most part of the reservoir is about three times smaller than the oceanic, in the North the water is almost fresh.

The coastline of the Caspian sea is estimated at about 6500 — 6700 km, with the Islands — up to 7000 kilometers.

In the Caspian sea runs 130 rivers, of which 9 of the rivers have a mouth in the shape of a Delta. Major rivers flowing into the Caspian sea — Volga, Terek (Russia), Ural, Emba (Kazakhstan), Kura (Azerbaijan), Samur (border of Russia with Azerbaijan), Atrek (Turkmenistan).

In the Caspian sea registered 101 species of fish, it is focused the majority of the world’s reserves of sturgeon, as well as freshwater fish such as roach, carp, perch.

The main danger for the Caspian sea related to pollution from production and transportation of oil on the continental shelf, the inflow of pollutants from the Volga and other rivers flowing into the Caspian sea, the livelihoods of coastal towns, as well as flooding of individual objects in connection with the Caspian sea level rise.

Lake Baikal — the largest freshwater lake of Eurasia.The deepest lake in the world. The depth of the lake is 1642 meters.

Water deposits in Baikal giant — 615,39 23 km3 (about 19 % of world reserves of fresh lake water in all freshwater lakes of the world contains 123 thousand km 3 of water). By volume of water reserves Baikal is the second largest in the world among lakes after the Caspian sea.

Flow into Baikal 336 rivers and streams.

In the winter Baikal freezes over completely, except for a small area of 15-20 km in length located in the Angara source.

In Baikal there are 2630 kinds and varieties of plants and animals.

Lake Ladoga and lake Onega — the largest in Europe.

In lake Ladoga carry their water from the larger rivers, the Svir, the Vuoksa and the Volkhov, several dozen medium rivers and more than a hundred small. Follows from the one-the Neva river.

On the Ladoga lake — the abundance of Islands, which number more than 650.

Lake Onega is one of the largest freshwater bodies of Europe. Its area is about 10,000 square kilometers. the length 248 km, width up to 80 kilometers. The average depth is 30 meters.

The lake is famous for its huge number of Islands, especially in the Northern part. The total number is 1369.

Lake Elton is one of the most interesting natural objects on the territory of the Volgograd region. Salt lake of enormous size, comparable only with Israeli the Dead sea, is situated in the middle of Pallasovsky the desert..

Eltonskyi the lake represented the largest and richest of all the world famous salt lakes. The thickness of the layer of salt is still not precisely defined. But the most important thing in the Elton — healing properties. Once there even was a Museum of crutches left behind: the people who came here on crutches, in a few months returned home, leaving the crutches in the local sanatoriums.

It has long been noticed that by the end of summer the surface of the lake is colored in mysterious purple-Golden color.

Lake Of Lotuses. In Russia, the Lotus grows only in two places — in the Astrakhan region and in the far East. Lotus lake (or Goose) is a unique pond, all summer covered with a carpet of rare flowers. This lake is situated on one of the most picturesque Islands of the Peter the Great Bay.

About the lake tell a wondrous legend. If before it was the valley where stood the village. In the middle of the village stood a well. One day from this well began to flow water, which flooded the village. It is believed that it broke the water of lake Baikal, which connects Crow huge underground channel. They say there is even the wreckage of ships that sank in the lake, find. And endemic fish found in the lake of Lotuses.