Water resources
  The number of natural and artificial reservoirs, water and hydropower resources of the Perm Krai ranks first in the Urals. According to official figures, the water Fund of the…

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The Choice of boat and motor for trolling
Before guiding the conversation, what boat and motor are suitable for trolling, I will ask you one question: if you have a boat with a motor, can it move at…

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Deadly lake


Planet Earth is so amazing and beautiful, to admire its stunning nature can be infinite. What did not meet in our interesting world. However, there are places which amaze, and sometimes frighten. One such place is the so-called Lake of Death in Italy (Sicily). This place is truly phenomenal and surprising in their origins. From the title you can already understand that this lake is dangerous to all living organisms. Whatever was in this water body certainly dies.

This is the most deadly lake on planet Earth. There is absolutely nothing alive. Even the shores of this lake empty, nothing grows on these slopes. If a person want to plunge into the lake, he in seconds will dissolve in it.

Scientists had studied the phenomenon of this place, here in different years sent not one scientific expedition. It was found that water contains a concentrate of sulfuric acid. The researchers found several reasons in the water so much sulfuric acid. The origin is probably due to the fact that the bottom of the lake contains these rocks, which are enriched with deadly chemicals. Another hypothesis indicates the presence of two sources that are at the bottom throwing into the water the concentrate sulfuric acid. That is why all life, come here at once perishing, being dissolved in water.

This unique place and all sorts of associated legends. For example, locals say that members of the mafia families are set on the island of Sicily, on the shores of lake tortured their victims, and then, to cover their tracks, dropping the corpses into frightening waters. How can we believe in such stories is another matter, however, the name of the lake still alarming and frightening.

Our planet has many such dangerous places to live and reservoirs. For example, in Algeria (Africa) there is Ink lake, which also brings fear. Cameroon is known for its lake of death – it is called Niels, there were killed about two thousand people. Such scary and frightening places a lot on our amazing Earth. Including the so-called lakes of death.