Residents of Tyumen will visit the unique lake Light
  Tyumen. The opportunity to visit the lake Bright and Black that are located in the vicinity of Tobolsk, is the residents of the Tyumen region. As told at the…

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The action "Clean lakes of Sverdlovsk oblast"
  16 April in Novouralsk was held the action "Clean lakes of Sverdlovsk oblast". The initiative to hold such a rally was made by the Ural electrochemical combine and Novouralsk…

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The most Beautiful lake of Italy


Turkey is attractive for tourists not only for its warm sea and hot climate, and many attractions. Between mount Taurus and the Mediterranean sea, is one of the most beautiful resorts. Relax on the Italian lakes considered in our prestigious and fashionable. The lakes are named Garda, Como and Lago Maggiore.


This lake belongs to the category of the largest inland water body Italy because its area is 370 square kilometres. Here long been popular with tourists and various artists, which include painters, sculptors and other not indifferent to the beauty of the people. Here is located Villa charismatic poet by the name of Gaius Catullus. On the ancient excavations, you can see the unique items collected by archaeologists. There are close to the lake, well-preserved and a little spooky Castello Scaligero, which resembles the architectural plan of the Kremlin of Moscow.

Lake Garda come to rest with their families. For kids and teenagers it created a whole leisure centre with a modern Aqua Park, huge aquarium and artificial coral reef.


Como is the most romantic body of water in the country, has an original configuration, the origin of which the lake derives the path of a huge glacier. Como is a great place for a honeymoon. On the lake the mass of secluded coves and caves. There is a wonderful Playground for a wedding event.

Local places once strongly attracted Franz Liszt. It is believed that after his wedding on the island has become a tradition to spend a honeymoon here.

You should not pass by the village of Magreglio. It attracts cyclists from all continents. Even the local Church bears the name of the Holy Madonna del Ghisallo that cyclists regard as their protector.

Lago Maggiore

This is the most amazing beautiful place not only in Italy but throughout the world. So, at least, say local residents. And they are right, because the banks adorned with exquisite rhododendrons, surrounded by stately palm trees and slender cypresses. Natural scattered around the carpet of fragrant camellias and azaleas.

Place of glory thunders the local Botanical gardens, a visit to which should not be neglected. The oldest garden was created in the 17th century. It has a magnificent collection of rare plants and exotic birds animality. Not far from Stresa lies a beautiful national Park with a characteristic name of Alpinia. Fast travelers must climb the mountain Mottarone, overlooking the magnificent panorama over the Lago Maggiore and the picturesque Alpine slopes.