Rowing Azerbaijan
  Lake Kösen - Am is the largest Alpine lake in the North Caucasus, situated in the mountainous region of Chechnya, on the southern slope of the Andean mountain range,…

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  the group of large lakes in East. part of the North. Of America. Includes lakes: Upper, Huron. Michigan. Erie. Ontario. Form the largest in the West. hemisphere the accumulation…

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The Most beautiful places in the world


The modern century of high technologies there is definitely a lot of advantages, but sooner or later we all get tired of the bustle of the noisy city and tend to retreat in the lap of nature.

Civilization greatly changed the Earth, and not for the better, but there are still places that have retained their pristine beauty. There’s just so much amazing – stunning tropical Islands, crystal clear lakes, majestic waterfalls and mountain scenery!

One of the most popular natural wonders is Antelope Canyon, located in the South-Eastern United States on land of the Navajo Indian. This natural wonder consists of a Top (of the Gorge) and Lower canyon (Helix). This rare natural creation is a sandy cliff bizarre with huge slits, lit with magical light. Wind and rain water in a few centuries will grind out huge depressions in the red Sandstone cliffs forming inside the fine relief lines. Thanks to the erosive properties of water canyon walls, situated in one of the driest regions of the Earth, have acquired such a unique shape.

This tropical Paradise with white sand beaches ideal for lovers of quiet secluded relaxation. The archipelago of Phi Phi island is at a distance of 48 km from Phuket and consists of several small Islands. 90% of sushi poochie forest Islands covered with steep mountains rising from the sea, and the coves stands the beautiful pristine beaches. Tourists are attracted by coconut groves, white beaches, lagoons and ocean clean sea water.

This place predstavljaet a wonderful pergola (natural fence of shrubs or trees), which is quite an unusual image was formed over the railway tracks. A few years ago the local authorities ceased to care for the trees and pruning them, and the canopy created a makeshift grotto. This place looks amazingly beautiful in all seasons. But at the beginning of autumn here is the most effectively – on the trees many leaves, which shimmers with all possible colors, from green to yellow and red. This miraculous alley stretches for about 1 km and serves as a filming location for many newlyweds – her visit is a good sign.

4. Vila Franca, Azores

Not less popular with tourists is Vila Franca, representing the uninhabited island of volcanic origin. This exotic place attracts a lot of travelers from different countries. The island has the shape of a huge semicircle, and is a natural pool in a flooded boiler of the volcano, whose maximum depth is 20 m.

There are no trendy restaurants and luxurious hotels, he shakes amazingly beautiful landscapes and unique flora and fauna. The island has several beaches, conditions are created for enjoying water sports.

The top 10 most amazing places on our planet not to include the Turkish resort of Pamukkale (means “Cotton castle”). White stone terraces with flowing water from a distance resemble flakes of cotton wool or huge icebergs. Pamukkale (Pamukkale) is a large mound of calcareous tufa, which flows down the water is saturated with calcium, forming intricate white romantic cascades and waterfalls. Natural mineral pools called travertines. This natural wonder has been used for about 15,000 years. 100-meter high stone cliff is the hot spring where the water temperature is 36-37 degrees. These places from the ancient times and are considered a resort area. Here are successfully treated diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

One of the most hauntingly beautiful countries in the world is Iceland is an island located near the Arctic circle in the Atlantic ocean. It is a country of volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs and bubbling geysers. Here there are ice, fire – Iceland is one of the largest glaciers and the world famous valley of geysers Haukadalur. Before the eyes of tourists can see the rare spectacle of white steam, creeping on ground then rising up. Every year, thousands of people strive to come here personally to enjoy the view of picturesque landscapes and magnificent sources

One of the most picturesque in the world are considered to be rice fields, located in the Chinese province of Yunnan at an altitude of about 200-2000 meters. Stretching for several kilometers of rice terraces everywhere contours of the mountain slopes, presenting the tourists look natural landscape of extraordinary beauty. In summer you can enjoy the view of green shoots, in autumn the mountain slopes as if covered with gold. And the best time to visit the rice terraces is the period from November to April. During this period flooded terraces reflected the sun’s rays and the play of reflections creates an impressive and truly unique spectacle.

Plitvice lakes is the most famous natural attraction in Croatia. On the vast territory of national Park there are ponds, waterfalls and caves. On a high plateau, surrounded by dense forest, a shining diadem of 16 large karst lakes. The lake has steep limestone shores cascades – perehodyat one lake to another, forming a foamy thundering waterfalls. Depending on the angle of refraction of sunlight, as well as the content of microorganisms in water and minerals, can change a variety of range of colours of water – from green to blue, from blue to gray.

The Lofoten archipelago is a truly magical place, located in Norway. Here straight from the ocean, rising mountains, and their tops are connected by a rainbow! A huge number of small Islands interconnected by many tunnels and bridges, underground and underwater. On the Islands grows lush green, okumusashi into the crystal fjords, and small towns and fishing villages of the Lofoten archipelago attracts tourists special, unique charm.

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Rowing Azerbaijan
  Lake Kösen - Am is the largest Alpine lake in the North Caucasus, situated in the mountainous region of Chechnya, on the southern slope of the Andean mountain range,…

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