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The Amazing Martino lake

Martino lake is located in the mountains of Western Sayan, Ergaki famous. What in it surprising? In Sunny, clear weather is the most usual mountain lake. Beautiful, but no more. If anyone saw Sassyk-Kul lake or even lake Baikal, and those are already hard to surprise. But if you are lucky enough to see Martino lake under the cloud, then you expect miracles.

Let’s start with the fact that the lake has only one shore. There is no other, though in the binoculars stare at him. Of course, it’s a joke. Though, who knows.

In Sunny weather photographers rarely go here. There are more interesting objects.

This summer we twice observed a strange phenomenon about which I had heard before but not believed. It all started with clear, Sunny weather. The group of photographers sat in camp, waiting out the sun. But suddenly from around the corner jumped out a big cloud. It quickly covered the whole valley, was even dark. Not as dark as the night, of course, but noticeable. We immediately realized that in this weather we would rather be on the shore of a mysterious lake. Picking up the camera, we ran a run. To the lake quite far and we wanted to catch.

On the way we caught in the rain, but that won’t stop us. You can walk the capes, and to photograph under an umbrella. However, on the shore of the lake revealed that from the umbrella of little use, because there was a strong headwind. I have to get the camera out as the lens got rain drops. We went to the other side of the lake, believing that the wind will be at our backs. But nothing! As we walked, the wind has changed direction. Then we went back to the starting point. But the wind again changed direction! Okay, photographers – people are annoying. We went on a hike around the lake, hoping to find a spot where the wind will be in the back, or at least in the side. Having made a complete turn, we stopped, discouraged. Anywhere the wind blew in my face! How is it possible.

We again went around the lake, but now in the opposite direction. And again the same result! Wherever we were, the wind turned strongly in us. Then we decided on radical measures. We spread out along the shores of the lake. At least half of us had to be lucky with the wind. After all, he can’t blow at once in opposite directions. It turned out that maybe!

Probably, over the lake arose a column of low atmospheric pressure. The air from all sides rushed to the pipe and rushed down. They ran into the water, the air began to spread on the surface of the lake. So there was this centrifugal wind. We even invented a name – atterny the wind. Because he is always blowing from the lake. However, for us remained a mystery, and by what forces formed this low-pressure column. Is it because the lake was colder than the whole valley around.

Three weeks later, making another photo tour, we again experienced the same thing. Here we thought. As we stood around the lake, we because the clouds had not seen each other. And if so, why did we decide that we will stand facing each other. But if we were standing face to one side? Then the most common wind easily explained the situation. Of course, it’s hard to imagine that the lake changed its configuration, but still no signs of an earthquake, but the Ergaki is a Dreamland, anything can happen here. The wind here atterny, for example.

Another paradox. Ergaki is a very popular destination for mass tourism. Especially after the wonders of interested in the UN. All ufologists, esoterica and just curious tourists rushed here by the hundreds of thousands. It happened that one day, we met tourists from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Italy. While hardly anyone knows about the existence of Martinovo lake. This secret can disclose. That amazing lake is not trampled, it just stopped to put on the cards. This simple way while saving the beauty.

It is hoped that the lake will amaze and delight our children and grandchildren!