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The Lake of death in Sicily


No wonder our world is unique, amazing and beautiful. Nature fascinates us to enjoy. But there are places that can bring us harm. One such place is the lake of death in Sicily . The lake of death identified as unique natural phenomena. Even the name speaks for itself. In the end, this lake is dangerous to all life on our planet. Anyone who enters this lake will be destroyed. The lake of death is the most dangerous place on the planet. In the lake there is absolutely no life. On the shore of the lake lifeless desert, because there nothing grows. This is because any who fall into this lake dies. Even if people decide to swim in the lake, it dissolve there for a few minutes. After scientists found out about this lake of death in Sicily, I immediately sent out a scientific expedition to study this phenomenon. The lake gives up its secrets very hard, but, nevertheless, scientists were able to discover that the lake has a lot of concentrated sulfuric acid. Scientists have long puzzled over where same large amount of sulfuric acid.

Several hypotheses about the lake of death

The first hypothesis, that at the bottom of the lake there are rocks that are rich in acid, but the theory is not confirmed.

The second hypothesis. After some time, scientists have learned that at the bottom of the lake there are two sources that emit in the aquatic environment a lot of acid.

It became known that the island of Sicily is famous for its mafia and clans. There is a legend that, unruly crowd of people were thrown into the lake. On the shores of the lake, the clan members were killed and tortured, after which they disappeared in the depths of the lake. Fiction or truth it’s hard to say, but, in my opinion, this is possible, there is no evidence about that.

In our world there are many places that provide a threat to all living things. So the Cameroon crater lake would Nwas, which claimed thousands of lives. In Algeria there is a Colorful lake, which scientists still have not been studied. In Kazakhstan there is a lake called lake Sarez, which threatens all local residents, which could flood the whole neighbourhood. And all these lakes deserve the right to be called lakes of death.

If you are not afraid, you can go to this region on vacation and see these natural creatures.