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Holidays at the lakes in Austria, the rest on the lakes of Austria in summer


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Today in Austria there are a total of more than 300 lakes. Many tourists from all over the world are choosing to stay on the lakes of Austria in the summer. Therefore, lakes of Austria are the most important factor in the tourism industry of the country, particularly for domestic tourists and tourists from Central Europe, who come here for water sports, Hiking and natural beauty, and not just to see the sights of Vienna.

The biggest and probably most famous lakes are lake Constance, which Austria shares with Switzerland and Germany to the West and lake Neusiedl, which is on the border with Hungary in the East. Lake Constance is the easiest to get in Bregenz, capital of Vorarlberg, it is used this city as the location for the floating stage during the Opera festival.

Lake Neusiedl lies within the national Park of the same name, however, swimming, surfing, sailing and other water sports are allowed here and are very popular. Many of the citizens of Vienna frequently visit Neusiedl, which has its own floating stage for operetta festival on the water in Mörbisch. Access to the lake Neusiedl is complicated by the reed beds around the shore, except the shore at Podersdorf.

In addition, the regions most known for its lakes, are Carinthia, the southern Alps and the Northern edge of the Alps. Flugshow the County of Salzburg is also called — the Salzburg lake district. Here are the lake and the Waller lake Mattsee, and the South of the province has to offer the Zeller lake tourist centre of Zell am see.

Alpine lakes, for example in Tyrol, generally much smaller, but they are often very beautiful. The Achensee lake is the only large lake of the province, but there are a few small in area or Kufstein Reutte. Carinthian lakes such as Ossiacher see, wörthersee (with the Abbey of Maria wörth and Velden), the Millstätter see and a small lake, the Faaker see near Villach is a popular Austrian destinations for domestic tourism.

The inhabitants of Carinthia have not only the reputation of the hardcore conservative right-wing political beliefs, but also calm the crowd that loves sports, good food and company. One contradicts the other a bit, but «Carinthia is crazy edge».

As I said above, in Austria a total of approximately 300 lakes. But mostly international tourists who come on holiday to the lakes in Austria, are limited to the Salzkammergut, except for those who are interested in Hiking and nature.

Rest on the lakes of Austria in the summer. Here You can book any tours to Austria — St. Anton, Austria . Tyrol, sölden, Arlberg, Salzburg, Vienna and other destinations. Search for tour to Austria in the search bar, type “recreation on the lakes in Austria”. Select and book a suitable tour. Live clearly. Travel to Austria from Timmis Travel!

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