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The Lake of Sasyk, or Sasyk-Sivash


Sasyk, lake Sasyk-Sivash (Ukr. The ones are Sasyk and the ones are Sasyk-Sivash, crimscott. Sasıq, Sasıq Sıvaş, Sasyk, lake Sasyk, Sivas) is the largest lake and saline lake on the Crimean Peninsula, situated between the city of Yevpatoriya and Saki on the territory of the Saksky area and the Evpatoria city Council (partial). Area — 75,3 km2. Type TDS — salt. Origin — flooded. The group of hydrological regime — closed.

Included in Evpatoria group of lakes. Length — 14 km Width average is 5.5 km, the largest is 9 km, average Depth — 0.5 m, maximum is 1.2 m. the Height above sea level: -0.6 m From the sea separated by the embankment width of 0.9 to 1.7 km away. In summer, the area is significantly reduced, the salinity of the water increases. The lake is therapeutic and is used for recreation.

Sasyk is separated from the Black sea by the isthmus through which the road Evpatoria—Saki and train Yevpatoria—Ostriakovo. Lake basin of the reservoir is irregular elongated shape, elongated from West to East. The shore is flat, except for some areas on the East — steep. Rivers do not flow. South shore adjacent to the isthmus of straight and follows the line of the shoreline of the sea; the shore is indented into the land and divided 6 large beams (from West to Vostok Mamakusa, n/a, n/a, Baranovskaya, Nadezhda, Times) and dried riverbeds often that flow into the lake. The Northern part is separated from the main earth-fill dam, which stretches through the reservoir from West to East, thus depriving the receipt of storm water from the beams to the entire lake. Between the beams and the Nadezhdinsky Times the coastline is not deeply in the lake — Cape Red, where is located the quarry.

Okhotnikov at village at the confluence of the Nadezhdinsky suhorechja beams pass over the bridge road Saki—Quarry and rail freight purpose for quarry Saki—Career. On the isthmus are checks salt fisheries. The lake has two channels that go into the Black sea, located to the West of the railway platforms of the Sun and North of the Coastal village, the first one has direct access to the sea, the second extends to the side of Saki lake to the channel of Saki lake with the Black sea. Reset mode waters of the lake into the sea regulate the water tower and pumping station.

In the West, to the lake Sasyk adjacent Evpatoria, there are such settlements riona Saks Firth in the West, and Toss Okhotnikov — North-East, Coastal and South-East.

The lake is overgrown with water vegetation, primarily on freshwater sites in the lagoons at the bars, at the mouths flowing beams in the area of the exits of the underground water. There are intensively developing various algae until the algal blooms. Salt marshes are located at the isthmus, as well as land at the confluence of the suhorechja beams Nadezhdinsky (South Okhotnikov).

Mean annual precipitation is about 400 mm. Power supply: surface and underground waters of the black sea artesian basin. The name of the lake is translated from the Crimean Tatar “fetid mud”.

In connection with stormy North-East wind with gusts up to 30 m/s and wave height on lake Sasyk-Sivash up to 1.5 m on 16 April 2013 was the threat of break of a dam Separating the lake Sasyk-Sivash 6, 7 and 8 km the next day, the wind force has decreased and the situation at the dam stabilized.