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Australian lake

Australia is a very picturesque and exotic country that is ideal for permanent residence. Those who are going to go on a trip or to obtain Australian citizenship, there is sure to be interesting. Each of those who come to Australia, marvels in the first place the diversity of natural landscapes, which are found almost side by side.

Australia is washed by the oceans, however, own large rivers is almost impossible. Nature decided to take care of the original inhabitants of the continent in a different way — instead of the many rivers and canals, she gave them wonderful lakes, which also become a place of pilgrimage of a huge number of tourists. However, the nature decided to play a cruel joke with the Australians — all of these great lakes are salty, because at the bottom of each of them there are huge slabs of salt remaining in the water since ancient times.

Many scientists have an interesting theory that the living conditions at the bottom of each of Australian lakes can tell us about the conditions of life on the planet closest to us the solar system is on Mars. It is so frequent on the shores of lakes not only tourists, but also researchers from America or Europe.

The famous lake Eyre is located considerably below sea level — about fifteen meters. While most of the year it is without water or with very small amounts of heavily silted and salt water. When does the famous rainy season, this lake is instantly filled with a huge amount of water. Residents who live near lake Eyre, you know that during the rains they are even able to leave the coast and get some photoprivate towns and villages that are nearby.

Lake Torrens is the second largest lake on the Australian continent. It has absolutely no waste and can be filled with some amount of water only during the rainy season and if the rains are abundant and frequent. According to the testimony of Australians, this lake last time felt inside the water about a hundred years ago. Now Torrence is a part of a famous national Park located in South Australia. It is worth noting that the entrance to the lake is difficult for backpackers, and those who go to them, it costs a lot of money.

Quite a large and very famous lake Frome is located in the West of Australia. It also, like the other lake has no outlet, but it is regularly updated with the waters of various rivers, so for the last couple of hundred years the lake Frome did not dry up even once. Most of the time this lake is freshwater. Its water becomes brackish only during periods of extreme heat, when the rivers bring less water than usual, and evaporation from the lake surface are intensified. Frome is not considered to be the purest Australian freshwater source, because in close proximity to him, the active development of uranium mines.

Lake Agip is considered the largest artificial lake in Australia. It was created to irrigate the fields in its vicinity, and still is for reclamation purposes. However, this is also a very good role, and this lake is much more useful than those that are exclusively tourist attractions, and most of Australia are not good.

Lake Hiller called little miracle. It really is quite tiny compared to the other dimensions and, like other Australian lakes is salty. Very nice from an aesthetic point of view looks like Hiller. Gentle waters of the lake bordered the edge of the salt, which is washed to shore by water. Lake Hiller is reminiscent of an exotic cocktail, a glass which is treated with salt or sugar around the edges.

The main feature that makes millions of tourists rush to the shores of lake Hiller is the color of its water. It resembles more to the water, and the fruit jelly and painted bright pink. Long time since the mid-nineteenth century numerous scholars have sought to come to the Hiller lake and take water samples to understand the origin of this color. It turned out that neither algae nor the special pigment there is no close. The colour of the lake is a mystery that still does not sleep many scientific laboratories on Earth.