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These amazing Sergius lake district


These amazing lakes

Sergievsky district.

T the backpacking becomes our profession

but the experience gained in the campaign

helps us to more sensitively relate

everything that surrounds us.

From 4 to 6 November 2011 the team “Elbrus” MOA Krasnooktyabrskaya secondary school participated in the regional campaign seminar on sports tourism along the route Sergievsk C. – p. Surgut – the village of Suhodol – p. Sernovodsk – C. Sergievsk. The total length of the route amounted to more than 30 kilometers, tourists in day took place over 10 km Route was a mountainous area, with natural landscapes, which have no analogues in nature. The greatest scientific and practical interest are the lake of Sulphur, and Blue sulphur springs. A great impression was the boys visiting amazing lakes in S. Old Yakushkino (30 km from S. Sergievski) titled “Blue lake”.

Blue lake in 1937, studied chemist resort sergievskie Mineral Water A. D. Belkin. He found that it is a very strong sulphur spring, knocking out from the bottom of the collapse crater. Water consumption 6220 m3 per day (that’s more than four Sernovodsk source), with a constant temperature of 7.3° C. the depth reaches up to 23 meters. In that lake grow only one species of algae is charophytes . From Wikipedia: charophytes, or luchici (lat. Charophyta) — the only surviving to date Department (according to another classification — the order) of the once extensive group of ancient plants that combine the characteristics of algae and higher plants. The name comes from the Greek “Hara” — the joy, the beauty.

Blue lake was formed by karst funnel, so has a round shape. From the bottom has a strong sulphur spring, in the lake there is no life, and this may explain its transparency.

The Sulphur lake is located on the territory of Sernovodsk, Sergievskiy Mineral Water resort. According to the guide in 1703 by Peter the great near this reservoir was built by the factory. Workers who have had complaints of illness in the lumbar region, feel better. In this regard, we have conducted research, during which sergievskie mineral water is recognized as therapeutic. Water surface area is about one hectare, and the depth does not exceed three meters. The pond is fed by springs, giving a day to 6 million litres of water. From the Sulphur lake follows the Milk river, which flows into the river Surgut. Sulphur lake with study to a mineral and freshwater springs – the most picturesque place. In the Park of the sanatorium “sergievskie mineral water” is a century-old maple. The beauty of the landscape, the sound of falling crystal clear water on the raft and near springs, turquoise, black, blue-blue, emerald-green water is a delight.

The participants of the initiative group of the team “Elbrus” : Taleeva Dinara, Brisbanea Albina, Katya Strelnikova, Anistratov Eugene, Fayzulin Aidar, heads; Agaeva Fayzulin A. I. U. G. Hardly who from participants of the tour will forget this wonderful route. Memories of this trip will live for many years. Many thanks to the organizers of the Crusades: multidisciplinary center of additional education “Search” S. Sergievsk and Samara regional center of tourism and local history center of socialization of youth gaevoy G. A. administration MOA Krasnooktyabrskaya secondary school, parents