The best reservoirs of our planet

The Lake of death in Sicily
  No wonder our world is unique, amazing and beautiful. Nature fascinates us to enjoy. But there are places that can bring us harm. One such place is the lake…

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The Amazing lake
  Objectives:1.Learn interesting facts about ozera.Why the lake is a mystery of nature Blue lake is located 30 km South of the city of Nalchik From the history of research…

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Russian Internal waters: Lakes


On the territory of Russia there are over 2 million lakes. Basically it is a small lake with a water surface area less 1 km2. Large lakes are few. Two Russian lakes — Baikal and Ladoga, are among the 18 largest lakes in the world (the area of each of these, more than 10 000 km 2 ), near Onega lake (table 5).

Table 5. The largest lakes of Russia

The deepest lake in the world is the Baikal lake (maximum depth is 1637 meters).

The number of lakes in Russia is 2.1%.

Across the country the lake is unevenly spread. There are areas where the lakes are many, but there are others where there are almost no lakes (forest-steppe and steppe of the East European plain). The most numerous lakes, where they contribute to the existence of climatic conditions and topography. Especially large area of the lake is on the Yana-Indigirka and Kolyma lowlands, in places where the number of lakes exceeds 50%, and in Karelia, where the area of the lakes amounts to 12-13% of the surface. Many lakes and in the North-Western regions of Russia, in Central Yakutia, Continue reading

Germany – Marburg


To live and work under one roof surrounded by nature! The perfect estate for family and Restaurant for business. Living area – 96 sq. m. Restaurant – 292 sq. m. the facility was Constructed for personal use in 1988 with high quality materials. Perfect condition and very well maintained – “come and live”! In the coming decades, the new owner will not need to worry about renovations.

Located in the picturesque area of the mountain range of Eifel (Eifel), South-West Germany. The regular customers. For sale due to relocation of owner.

A stylish restaurant and Bar located on the ground floor of 2 story house: 90 seats inside, 30 outside (elegant tent depending on the weather, may be open). All equipment and technology are modern and meet current standards. Second floor (96 sqm) – private owner apartments (entrance hall, large living room, 2 bedrooms, balcony, kitchen, bathroom-14m.kV.). Ground floor: a hall for receptions, WC, cold room, storage rooms, Laundry, utility rooms. Attic floor can be turned into a dwelling.

Additional extensions for economic needs, a carport for 3 cars. Surrounding area – 237 sq. m. 1 Landscape gardening, fountain. Parking spaces up to 25.

Surrounding area: amazing landscape scenery, volcanic lakes and geysers, castles, race track “the Nürburg-Ring”, Park of recreation and entertainment, the zoo.

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Tango, vineyards and crystal clear lakes


Private transfer Shuttle service with English speaking guide in the hotel. Accommodation for 2 nights in the hotel (Breakfast and taxes included) Private sightseeing tour of the city with Russian speaking guide. Buenos Aires is associated with tango, football, Evita name, Maradona and Che Guevara. The capital of Argentina is considered one of the most elegant cities in South America. Their appearance, ancient buildings and architecture of the city resembles Paris. The historic center has preserved the features of the colonial period. You will see the Central square of Plaza de Mayo, the Pink House, the Cathedral, the colon theatre, the Obelisk, the National Congress. The tour includes a visit to the area Boca (birthplace of tango) to the pedestrian area of Caminito, the San Martin square and the cemetery in Recoleta.

In the evening, visiting with a guide one of the best tango cabaret of Buenos Aires, where tango shows. (transfer of a restaurant/hotel/restaurant and dinner included)

Tango is very popular around the world. But Argentina have one distinct advantage – it is here that it appeared. The tour offers to enjoy this magnificent spectacle in one of the best places where tango shows in Argentina, and in the end a wonderful evening You will have Continue reading

These amazing Sergius lake district


These amazing lakes

Sergievsky district.

T the backpacking becomes our profession

but the experience gained in the campaign

helps us to more sensitively relate

everything that surrounds us.

From 4 to 6 November 2011 the team “Elbrus” MOA Krasnooktyabrskaya secondary school participated in the regional campaign seminar on sports tourism along the route Sergievsk C. – p. Surgut – the village of Suhodol – p. Sernovodsk – C. Sergievsk. The total length of the route amounted to more than 30 kilometers, tourists in day took place over 10 km Route was a mountainous area, with natural landscapes, which have no analogues in nature. The greatest scientific and practical interest are the lake of Sulphur, and Blue sulphur springs. A great impression was the boys visiting amazing lakes in S. Old Yakushkino (30 km from S. Sergievski) titled “Blue lake”.

Blue lake in 1937, studied chemist resort sergievskie Mineral Water A. D. Belkin. He found that it is a very strong sulphur spring, knocking out from the bottom of the collapse crater. Water consumption 6220 m3 per day (that’s more than four Sernovodsk source), with a constant temperature of 7.3° C. the depth reaches up to 23 meters. In that lake grow only one species of algae is charophytes . From Wikipedia: Continue reading

Crater lake USA


In the southern cascade mountains of Oregon, USA, is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, crater lake. Picturesque mountain lake is famous for its great depth and beauty, and American Indians believe this pond is sacred. Once the indigenous population of America has seen the wrath of the volcano. To this day, the myths of Indian tribes convey real catastrophic event they witnessed their ancestors thousands of years ago.

Experts believe that the eruption of mazama, which formed is a transparent lake, was one of the most powerful of all that has happened on earth over the past 10,000 years.

As mentioned, crater lake was formed as a result of the destruction of a massive volcano known as mount Mazama. It was a very long time, about 7,700 years ago. The resulting crater, which now filled a lake in the diameter is 8×10 km crater is the second deepest lake in North America, its depth is approximately 600 m. the First measurements of depth were made in 1886, captain Clarence Dutton. Scientists believe that someday it may happen a new eruption, since the bottom of the lake recorded hydrothermal activity.

In the middle of the lake there are two small Islands, which give the local landscape a special Continue reading

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Rowing Azerbaijan
  Lake Kösen - Am is the largest Alpine lake in the North Caucasus, situated in the mountainous region of Chechnya, on the southern slope of the Andean mountain range,…


These amazing Sergius lake district
  These amazing lakes Sergievsky district. T the backpacking becomes our profession but the experience gained in the campaign helps us to more sensitively relate everything that surrounds us. From…

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