Due to this combination, this notebook achieves a passable performance for professional 3D applications, which is clearly weaker than of its bigger colleagues. Also in terms of communication modules the Dell Precision M does hardly rank behind its bigger counterparts. I have real trouble “opening” the mini PCI slot. In the test of the display brightness the first advantage of the LED panel gets evident. The touchpad had a surface with good gliding properties and a throughout good responsiveness. Test Turn on the computer, log in as root and run the command lspci.

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The hard drive of the test sample was asys fast rpm hard drive by Seagate STASG with a gross capacity of gigabyte, which achieved good results in the HDTune benchmark test. I have real trouble “opening” the mini PCI slot. Also the power adapter was adjusted for this purpose.

A small weakness can be found at the perforated covers of the speakers left and right of the keyboard.

ASUS MN – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

The bar is set rather high in terms of performance for the Precision Mbecause it is clearly a representative of Dell’s workstation seriesand therewith a high performer of the product line-up. The maximum volume is sufficient, but by no means outstanding. Here you can configure and also buy this notebook. Quality asuus is made possible by advertising.


On the photo to the right the screwdriver is inserted in the currect position. The Dell Precission M is a powerful mobile computer with Dell homepage Dell notebook section. Ex factory Dell offers a 3 years warranty with service on the next working aus for the Precision M Re-attach the button panel Re-attach the button panel the opposite way it was removed. Attaching the antenna was the hardest part as it seems to demand a worrying amount of force.

This 14 inch notebook looks nearly completely like its bigger colleagues.

Nevertheless, the noise level of this notebook is very decent. But, it can get rather loud under load. It is done by inserting a small screwdriver under the panel at the upper right corner of the keyboard, above the delete key. Our current test sample of the Precision M does not have this handy features and so saves about Here the performance of asis system is analysed by visualisations in different CAD and graphics applications in practice.

Here you can, e.

1 GB memory upgrade for ASUS M | NotebookReview

If the viewing angle gets acuter, the picture also changes here. Another important aspect is that the M can handle outdoor operation with ease as it is equipped with a very bright and non-reflecting display. I did not have a card in it previously so logicaly it should be easy to open the 2 arms to the side.

Press these arms outwards with your thumbs, and lift the card with your index fingers.


Together with the maximum brightness this gives a maximum contrast of only about I just bought a laptop for my parents with no integrated wireless. For all those who are often on the move Dell also offers the Precision M with 14 inch display. In return, the measured heating of the case surfaces is limited. Typical Dell, the Precision M can also be ordered with a number of other hard drive models ranging from cheaper, but, also slightly slower rpm models up to SSDs, which are insusceptible to shocks.

It helps me too!

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Also in terms of communication modules the Dell Precision M does hardly rank behind its bigger counterparts. Although we recorded some high peaks when measuring the noise level, this should be the exception in practice. The right end of the panel can then be raised slightly, and the panel can be pushed slightly to the right, and then raised.

However, some time of getting used to might be needed, because the space bar has been moved a little bit to the left for a bigger left Ctrl and Alt key.