The Choice of boat and motor for trolling
Before guiding the conversation, what boat and motor are suitable for trolling, I will ask you one question: if you have a boat with a motor, can it move at…

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Еhe most picturesque lakes of the Earth
  Turquoise and blue lakes 1. Blue shades of this Alpine lake Peyto in Banff National Park, Alberta (Canada) will not leave anyone indifferent. 2. The Perito Moreno lake in…

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Water resources


The number of natural and artificial reservoirs, water and hydropower resources of the Perm Krai ranks first in the Urals. According to official figures, the water Fund of the Perm region are: about 29 thousand rivers with a total length of more than 90 thousand kilometers (for comparison, the same length are all Russian Railways); about 800 lakes with a total area of over 120 square kilometers; nearly 1,000 wetlands, along with marshy forests occupy over 25 thousand square kilometers of area; various types of underground waters; snow — 2 perennial snowfield located at the North-East region in the Tulym range; ice cave more than 10 karst caves; 3 reservoir area of more than 3 thousand square kilometers; almost 500 ponds; 2 ancient interbasin canal: North-Catherine — between Gorichem and North Keltoi and Prokop — between Chepsoi in the basin of the Vyatka and Culicidae in the pool of Ocher. The main river of the Perm region, and just West of the Urals certainly is the Kama river.

the Kama river

Rzigalinski waterfalls

The largest lakes are located in the North of the Perm region:

Chusovoy (19,4 sq km)

Big Comicus (17.8 square miles)

Novogilova (7,12 sq km)

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Nature Russia: amazing lake


Lakes of Russia – one of the national wealth of our country. They can be large and small, freshwater and saline, deep and shallow. Before You five amazing lakes of Russia.

Caspian sea — lake, the biggest in the world by area and volume of water. K its shores appears five States. The salinity of the most part of the reservoir is about three times smaller than the oceanic, in the North the water is almost fresh.

The coastline of the Caspian sea is estimated at about 6500 — 6700 km, with the Islands — up to 7000 kilometers.

In the Caspian sea runs 130 rivers, of which 9 of the rivers have a mouth in the shape of a Delta. Major rivers flowing into the Caspian sea — Volga, Terek (Russia), Ural, Emba (Kazakhstan), Kura (Azerbaijan), Samur (border of Russia with Azerbaijan), Atrek (Turkmenistan).

In the Caspian sea registered 101 species of fish, it is focused the majority of the world’s reserves of sturgeon, as well as freshwater fish such as roach, carp, perch.

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The Most beautiful places in the world


The modern century of high technologies there is definitely a lot of advantages, but sooner or later we all get tired of the bustle of the noisy city and tend to retreat in the lap of nature.

Civilization greatly changed the Earth, and not for the better, but there are still places that have retained their pristine beauty. There’s just so much amazing – stunning tropical Islands, crystal clear lakes, majestic waterfalls and mountain scenery!

One of the most popular natural wonders is Antelope Canyon, located in the South-Eastern United States on land of the Navajo Indian. This natural wonder consists of a Top (of the Gorge) and Lower canyon (Helix). This rare natural creation is a sandy cliff bizarre with huge slits, lit with magical light. Wind and rain water in a few centuries will grind out huge depressions in the red Sandstone cliffs forming inside the fine relief lines. Thanks to the erosive properties of water canyon walls, situated in one of the driest regions of the Earth, have acquired such a unique shape.

This tropical Paradise with white sand beaches ideal for lovers of quiet secluded relaxation. The archipelago of Phi Phi island is at a distance of 48 km from Phuket and consists of several small Islands. 90% of sushi poochie forest Islands covered with steep mountains rising from the sea, and the coves Continue reading