The Earth Chronicles
may 18, 1960 three priests said that they had seen loadingrow monster in Lough REE in Ireland.This is one of three lakes in Ireland, which saw a monster. In 2001,…

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Water resources
  The number of natural and artificial reservoirs, water and hydropower resources of the Perm Krai ranks first in the Urals. According to official figures, the water Fund of the…

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Trip to Chao Lan lake


National Park Khao SOK — it is the primordial jungle, according to scientists. age of trees in the Park 160 million years, from ancient karst mountains, the height of which can reach up to 1000 meters. The biggest fault of these mountains created a lake, and most recently, in 1982. The depth of the lake is 150 meters.

Indescribable. Unreal. Very nice. But everything in order.

Phuket we were a company of 6 people. We rented a car Toyota Avanza. paying 1200 baht for each day of rental. I must say that the car, in my purely female view, not suitable for traveling long distances due to the fact that it does not boot. Where to put things 6 people — is unclear. Okay, I’m Packed and hit the road.

Road no one knew, went, as was shown by the Navigator and the driver. In total to go there about 3-4 hours from Phuket.

Along the way we stopped at an amazing temple with a huge statue of a sitting monk. Pofotkalis, stretched ass and on the road.

Arrived at the lake. The road, despite the fact that we didn’t know how to drive, took us almost 5 hours.

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Walking route: Lake Juclar


This walking tour leads us to lake Juclar. It is the largest lake in Andorra, which is located in the valley of Incles.

We will begin Hiking tour to the lake Juclar, after crossing the Incles river and heading along a forest road, which is among dry stone walls, mountain pine and azaleas. When he reachedthe intersection Travek, take the road going left, past the recreation area. Climb up the Sunny slope and cross the river. From here to pastures Juclar is a steep climb. Continuing to climb, cross the river Juclar and get to the first lake Juclar which inhabits the Iberian newt, which can only be seen in crystal clear water.

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Lake Nam-TSO is the highest lake in the world Exclusive


About 200 years ago, in the late tertiary and early Quaternary took place gornolyzhnye Himalayan movement, which led to a significant increase in the earth’s crust in the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau. As a result of strong pushing and deformation of earth’s crust in some places torn to pieces, which, rising, formed mountains. On both edges of the destroyed parts was formed hollows and ravines. Nam-TSO was formed on the background of such a geological structure. Ancient Nam-TSO – lake is quite wide. Later, however, as a result of a new orogenic movement in the Quaternary era the earth’s crust continued to rise. Meanwhile there was a change in the climate of the lake. These and other reasons have led to reduced water revenues and fading of the lake. The current Nam-TSO stretches from the southwest to the northeast. It has a Western part and Eastern part of the narrow and looks wedge-shaped triangle. The height of 4,718 meters above sea level, maximum depth is 33 meters. The distance between East and West coast – 70 km distance between South and North beach – 30 km, an Area of 1,940 Continue reading