The Most beautiful places in the world
  The modern century of high technologies there is definitely a lot of advantages, but sooner or later we all get tired of the bustle of the noisy city and…

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Water resources
  The number of natural and artificial reservoirs, water and hydropower resources of the Perm Krai ranks first in the Urals. According to official figures, the water Fund of the…

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The deepest lakes of the world


Tourists love to spend time on the shores of lakes located around the world. Today we offer you to travel and visit the five deepest lakes in the world.

Lake Matano, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Indonesian lake Matano occupies the fifth place in our ranking of the deepest lakes in the world. Its depth is 590 m. the lake is home To dozens of species of algae and endemic fish species.

Tourists vacationing at the lake, you can water skiing, Canoeing and scuba diving. Around the lake there are several nature trails.

Great Slave lake, Canada

This lake is second largest lake of Canada. Its maximum depth is 614 meters.

Vacationers on the lake doing mostly fishing, and wildlife observation. Around the lake are inhabited by many species of animals and birds, including foxes, wolves and coyotes.

Lake Malawi, Rift valley, Africa

The maximum depth of lake Malawi is 706 m. It is the third largest freshwater lake in the world. The lake is located between Mozambique and Tanzania.

In 2011, the lake received official status as a nature reserve. On lake Malawi include scuba diving, underwater hunting or poisoning on a boat trip.

Lake Tanganyika, Rift valley, Africa

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Nature Park Veps forest

Natural Park “Vepsian forest” – an original open air Museum that has preserved the unspoilt landscapes, indigenous forests, clean lakes and rivers, monuments of wooden architecture, traditional culture and crafts invites you to visit.

Natural potential, availability zones and ecosystems, preserving the nearly pristine ecological purity, is of interest for tourists, for all who wish to commune with nature in all its glory. And so, along with conservation, research and ecological and educational tasks, one of the activities of the nature Park is a recreational activity. It is an organization of tourism and recreation in the lap of picturesque and ecologically clean nature.

Remoteness from the centres of industry developed, beautiful lakes, rivers, springs, great fishing, rich Amateur hunting, different difficulty routes – all this attracts people with different requests and ideas about the outdoor recreation. The nature of the “Veps forest” at any time of the year offers many opportunities for recreation.

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Journey to the Loch ness story,


Loch ness in the North of Scotland became world famous thanks to the legend of the Loch Ness monster Nessie (Nessie). The stories of “eyewitnesses” for hundreds of years are reduced to the fact that the monster has a huge size. Many even give detailed descriptions of the appearance of the monster, which gave the soil boring “British scientists” to build multiple models and searching for the connection with actually existing on the planet 100 million years ago, the Plesiosaur.

The lake is 37 km from a small typical Scottish town of Inverness and easily accessible from other parts of the UK by plane or rail.

Inverness stands on both sides of the river Ness, which makes possible excursions to lake on boats and ships. It is easy to guess that this industry is very good.

Ships go down the river, which is part of the Caledonian canal to Loch Ness Lake in about 1.5 hours, stopping in a chain of small gateways.

Alternatively, you can use a more budget tour, including bus transfer to Visitor Centre, located in the village of Drumnadrochit near the hotel.

Here is a true monument of Nessie is an imaginary being who fed and watered several generations of residents of Inverness:

In the study center quite convincingly prove that there is no Nessie, successively refuting all the available “evidence” of his existence.

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