Nature Russia: amazing lake
  Lakes of Russia – one of the national wealth of our country. They can be large and small, freshwater and saline, deep and shallow. Before You five amazing lakes…

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Residents of Tyumen will visit the unique lake Light
  Tyumen. The opportunity to visit the lake Bright and Black that are located in the vicinity of Tobolsk, is the residents of the Tyumen region. As told at the…

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Where is the cheapest real estate in Ireland


Today, with the gradual ozhivaniya and recovery of the real estate market on the emerald Isle, it is useful to look at those places where you can buy a home for the price of a new car.

Location, location, location – here, perhaps, the three most key factors in choosing housing. Perhaps in our examples, it is not the best, but you can close much eyes provided low prices.

Completely empty house Ghost in Carrick-on-Shannon.

Top 5 places with cheapest accommodation in Ireland

No. 5. Donegal

The average price of a Bungalow with 4 bedrooms: € 144 000

Average price semi-detached house with three bedrooms: € 69 000

Donegal – a bright example of how you can invest money in real estate in the beautiful area of the country. Beautiful scenery and landscapes will be with you every day in plain sight.

Among the shortcomings of the region it is worth noting that no high business activity, the lack of jobs and therefore lack of demand. Towns and villages on the periphery of the destroyed and abandoned due to frequent emigration. Many accuse the government of inadequate focus on this region.

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Rowing Azerbaijan


Lake Kösen – Am is the largest Alpine lake in the North Caucasus, situated in the mountainous region of Chechnya, on the southern slope of the Andean mountain range, near the border with Dagestan, at a height of 1870 meters above the sea level. The surface of the lake is about 2 square kilometers. In area it is superior to the well-known lake Ritsa in Abkhazia, and above the sea level is higher by almost 1000 meters. The maximum depth of 72 meters, average depth 37 meters. The length of the lake from North to South – 2 km, and from West to East is 2.7 km. The maximum width is 735 meters. The length of the coastline is 10 km. The lake water is cold. In summer the surface temperature does not rise above 17°C – 18°C. the water Temperature in the lower layers: 7°C to 8°C. in Winter the lake freezes, the ice thickness reaches in some years 70 – 80 centimeters.

Nestled among cliffs and mountains, covered with green carpet of vegetation, the bright blue lake is very beautiful. For the extraordinary beauty of his rightfully should be considered a landmark not only of Chechnya but also the whole Caucasus.

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Holidays at the lakes in Austria, the rest on the lakes of Austria in summer
  Rest on the lakes in Austria, the best tours in Austria, prices, reviews. Rest on the lakes of Austria in summer, hotels, last minute tours to Austria, Austria Carinthia…


The inhabitants of the Kazachinsko-Lensky district are fighting for Swan lake
  They stood on their defence more than once. Today on the agenda again - Swan lake. Residents of Kazachinsko-Lensky district must decide whether to protect them. The author of…

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