Lakes of the world and their classification
The most important characteristics of lakes . expressed in digits — the volume of water contained in, surface area, maximum depth and average its value. In directories, as a rule,…

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More about vacation spot
  In this wonderful place the child can breathe the atmosphere of care, kindness, attention. Children waiting for the sun, a lot of new friends,cheerfulness and energy for the new…

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The action “Clean lakes of Sverdlovsk oblast”


16 April in Novouralsk was held the action “Clean lakes of Sverdlovsk oblast”. The initiative to hold such a rally was made by the Ural electrochemical combine and Novouralsk branch of the party “United Russia”. The need for it is quite understandable and justified: the huge amount of litter remaining after winter on the ice and banks of water bodies, part of which goes to the bottom, causing irreparable damage to the ecology of lakes and rivers, many of which are sources of drinking water.

The event, which was set to the start of the campaign the traditional spring cleaning, was attended by representatives of management of JSC “UEIP” headed by the General Director of the plant Alexander Kurkin, fishermen, students of environmental classes and the public of the city. The participants collected garbage in the traditional vacation spots of the townspeople: at the beach, the coast of base of rest “Verevkin angle” and the house of rest “Cape Verde” (the Top-neyvinskogo pond).

According to technical Director of JSC “UEIP” Vadim Tracing paper, one of the main problems in cities today – pollution waste. “We need to foster a culture of purity in their hometown, in their Continue reading