The most Beautiful lake in the Chelyabinsk region ruthlessly destroys the plant for the production of sand
Water with great speed pumped into the quarry. Complaints from local residents so far lead to nothing. However, anxious people have managed to make a barbarous business was checked by…

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Walking route: Lake Juclar
  This walking tour leads us to lake Juclar. It is the largest lake in Andorra, which is located in the valley of Incles. We will begin Hiking tour to…

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The Most beautiful volcanic lakes in the world


Volcanic or crater lake formed after the eruption, when the crater is clogged with the debris of rocks and volcanic mass, and then filled with rain water, less groundwater, and the balance holds through evaporation and seepage. We want to show You the most beautiful volcanic lakes in the world.

1. Laguna Caliente, Poás volcano in Costa Rica. (Photo: AP Images).

2. Lake Pinatubo, mount Pinatubo, Philippines. (Photo: AP Images).

3. Lake Taupo, New Zealand. (Photo: Phil Walter/Getty Images).

4. Crater lake, Shetland Islands. (Photo: AP Images).

5. Ruapehu, New Zealand. (Photo: Mark Coote/Bloomberg News).

6. Lake Atitlan, Solola, Guatemala. (Photo: Ben Pipe/Robert Harding/Rex).

7. Lake Kussharo, Hokkaido, Japan. (Photo: YURIKO NAKAO/Newscom/Reuters).

8. Crater lake, Oregon, USA. (Photo: Tyson Fisher/National Geographic Society/Corbis).

9. Laguna Diamante, Catamarca, Argentina. (Photo: ENRIQUE MARCARIAN/Reuters).

10. Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia. (Photo: WestEnd61/Rex Features).

11. Lake Oloidien, Naivasha, Kenya. (Photo: AP Images).

12. Kelimutu, Flores Island, Indonesia. (Photo: WestEnd61/REX Features).

13. Kawah Ijen, Banyuwangi district, Indonesia. (Photo: Angel Navarrete/Bloomberg).

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The other Side of the Earth: the lava lake in the Nyiragongo volcano


Night. Legs ache, tent gushing downpour. The wind seeps into the cracks under the awning, and walking in a light rain the tent, forcing us to cuddle closer and closer to each other. Involuntarily thought: what are we doing here? But the rain pritchet, and, having come up from under the wet hem of the tent, we do a couple of steps to the edge of the crater of the volcano. A gust of wind blows in the direction coming out of the crater pairs, and we no longer remember anything about the wet tent, nor about the chills. Even my feet are sore, and I want to jump with excitement, but you can’t — boots the fragile pumice, and a few hundred meters below us is boiling orange-red lake of lava. We have already managed to give the Vulcan tripod, luckily, without the camera — it was demolished by the wind, when he was left on the edge for a second. We assume this is a ritual of sacrifice.

The Slope Of Nyiragongo

At the border we met a guide named Emmanuel (the pygmy, although he denies it). After giving him a dollar on visa, we were waiting on a bare piece of land between Rwanda and Congo, not daring to take out the camera and capture photogenic African women, who with amazing agility rushed from border Continue reading

Volcanic tours


Extreme sports enthusiasts will never stand still – they are looking for a new adventure and be sure to find them. They just need a splash of emotions and a burst of adrenaline. Recently in the tourist industry, a new trend, which so far informally called “volcanic tours”. These tours are designed for thrill-seekers, who want a short distance to see the eruption of hot lava from the crater of the volcano.

It all started in Iceland with the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. First, for the country it was a huge financial tragedy, and now hundreds of tourists dream to visit the legendary volcano and come to Iceland. For them there are already organized a special thematic tours.

Sicilian mount Etna (Italy) known to many because of ancient legends. On January 13 of this year the volcano woke up, even had to close a nearby airport, but scientists say it’s harmless.

The Republic of Costa Rica is known by several volcanoes (about eight), and the most popular ones – Poas, which is constantly spewing smoke tubers. The volcano is shrouded in clouds and offers spectacular views of volcanic lakes located in this area. By the way, recently in Costa Rica were open air tours and now you can admire the volcanoes from the height of bird flight.

In Japan attractive volcanic island tours Miyakejima to the volcano Oyama. Its last Continue reading