The action "Clean lakes of Sverdlovsk oblast"
  16 April in Novouralsk was held the action "Clean lakes of Sverdlovsk oblast". The initiative to hold such a rally was made by the Ural electrochemical combine and Novouralsk…

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Holidays at the lakes in Austria, the rest on the lakes of Austria in summer
  Rest on the lakes in Austria, the best tours in Austria, prices, reviews. Rest on the lakes of Austria in summer, hotels, last minute tours to Austria, Austria Carinthia…

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Russian Internal waters: Lakes


On the territory of Russia there are over 2 million lakes. Basically it is a small lake with a water surface area less 1 km2. Large lakes are few. Two Russian lakes — Baikal and Ladoga, are among the 18 largest lakes in the world (the area of each of these, more than 10 000 km 2 ), near Onega lake (table 5).

Table 5. The largest lakes of Russia

The deepest lake in the world is the Baikal lake (maximum depth is 1637 meters).

The number of lakes in Russia is 2.1%.

Across the country the lake is unevenly spread. There are areas where the lakes are many, but there are others where there are almost no lakes (forest-steppe and steppe of the East European plain). The most numerous lakes, where they contribute to the existence of climatic conditions and topography. Especially large area of the lake is on the Yana-Indigirka and Kolyma lowlands, in places where the number of lakes exceeds 50%, and in Karelia, where the area of the lakes amounts to 12-13% of the surface. Many lakes and in the North-Western regions of Russia, in Central Yakutia, Continue reading