The Earth Chronicles
may 18, 1960 three priests said that they had seen loadingrow monster in Lough REE in Ireland.This is one of three lakes in Ireland, which saw a monster. In 2001,…

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Unique lake trying to save on Sakhalin island
  If not to clear channel, which connects the sea of Okhotsk and Changeable, we can change water-salt regime of the lake and the salinity of the mud Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, August…

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The most Beautiful lake in the Chelyabinsk region ruthlessly destroys the plant for the production of sand

Water with great speed pumped into the quarry. Complaints from local residents so far lead to nothing. However, anxious people have managed to make a barbarous business was checked by the Prosecutor’s office.

Water with great speed pumped into the quarry. Complaints from local residents so far lead to nothing. However, anxious people have managed to make a barbarous business was checked by the Prosecutor’s office.

The villagers Pure sure is a real ecological catastrophe. The only survivors in the area the pond is shallow on the eyes. Water from it drains a certain enterprise, which owns the sandy pit. Last summer right on the put of the powerful pump and extended pipe, which literally flows away is a small lake.

The pump runs without stopping all day. Their lake drains approximately 300 cubic meters of water per hour. For example, this volume can be filled pool length of 25 meters and a depth of one and a half. And it’s only 1 hour of work.

This is the second pond that devastate these entrepreneurs close quarry is overgrown with reeds. The residents where not only addressed, but everywhere received the answer: no damage to the environment manufacturers of sand is not applied.

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Nature Park Veps forest

Natural Park “Vepsian forest” – an original open air Museum that has preserved the unspoilt landscapes, indigenous forests, clean lakes and rivers, monuments of wooden architecture, traditional culture and crafts invites you to visit.

Natural potential, availability zones and ecosystems, preserving the nearly pristine ecological purity, is of interest for tourists, for all who wish to commune with nature in all its glory. And so, along with conservation, research and ecological and educational tasks, one of the activities of the nature Park is a recreational activity. It is an organization of tourism and recreation in the lap of picturesque and ecologically clean nature.

Remoteness from the centres of industry developed, beautiful lakes, rivers, springs, great fishing, rich Amateur hunting, different difficulty routes – all this attracts people with different requests and ideas about the outdoor recreation. The nature of the “Veps forest” at any time of the year offers many opportunities for recreation.

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Australian lake

Australia is a very picturesque and exotic country that is ideal for permanent residence. Those who are going to go on a trip or to obtain Australian citizenship, there is sure to be interesting. Each of those who come to Australia, marvels in the first place the diversity of natural landscapes, which are found almost side by side.

Australia is washed by the oceans, however, own large rivers is almost impossible. Nature decided to take care of the original inhabitants of the continent in a different way — instead of the many rivers and canals, she gave them wonderful lakes, which also become a place of pilgrimage of a huge number of tourists. However, the nature decided to play a cruel joke with the Australians — all of these great lakes are salty, because at the bottom of each of them there are huge slabs of salt remaining in the water since ancient times.

Many scientists have an interesting theory that the living conditions at the bottom of each of Australian lakes can tell us about the conditions of life on the planet closest to us the solar system is on Mars. It is so frequent on the shores of lakes not only tourists, but also researchers from America or Europe.

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