Journey to the Loch ness story,
  Loch ness in the North of Scotland became world famous thanks to the legend of the Loch Ness monster Nessie (Nessie). The stories of "eyewitnesses" for hundreds of years…

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More about vacation spot
  In this wonderful place the child can breathe the atmosphere of care, kindness, attention. Children waiting for the sun, a lot of new friends,cheerfulness and energy for the new…

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The Earth Chronicles

may 18, 1960 three priests said that they had seen loadingrow monster in Lough REE in Ireland.This is one of three lakes in Ireland, which saw a monster. In 2001, the lake was even a search party which was covered by the Irish media. We collected information on 8 of the most famous lakes in which at different times were seen by eyewitnesses unusual, unknown to science being, the existence of which is not currently proven.

1. Loch Ness, Scotland. Without exaggeration, the most famous lake monster in the world. Samaritanism rumors of which date back to the VI century BC,according to many scientists – the last dinosaur living on earth.

2. Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada. Ogopogo is a legendary monster that brought fame to the whole of British Columbia and almost come close in popularity to Nessie. Seen for the first time in 1958, he was regularly described by eyewitnesses as long sleader with a body resembling a barrel, a long neck and fins.

3. Lake Labynkyr, Yakutia, Russia. Labinski Hell – beast, seen by Yakut in the nineteenth century. Although the photo – video evidence or not, the monster noticed not one scientific expedition. Additionally, the noise supposedly made by the monster, was able to record, and with the help of sonar, there was a huge shadow, is clearly not suitable in size or one famous Continue reading

Deadly lake


Planet Earth is so amazing and beautiful, to admire its stunning nature can be infinite. What did not meet in our interesting world. However, there are places which amaze, and sometimes frighten. One such place is the so-called Lake of Death in Italy (Sicily). This place is truly phenomenal and surprising in their origins. From the title you can already understand that this lake is dangerous to all living organisms. Whatever was in this water body certainly dies.

This is the most deadly lake on planet Earth. There is absolutely nothing alive. Even the shores of this lake empty, nothing grows on these slopes. If a person want to plunge into the lake, he in seconds will dissolve in it.

Scientists had studied the phenomenon of this place, here in different years sent not one scientific expedition. It was found that water contains a concentrate of sulfuric acid. The researchers found several reasons in the water so much sulfuric acid. The origin is probably due to the fact that the bottom of the lake contains these rocks, which are enriched with deadly chemicals. Another hypothesis indicates the presence of two sources that are at the bottom throwing into the water the concentrate sulfuric acid. That is why all life, come here at once perishing, being dissolved in water.

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The Lake of death in Sicily


No wonder our world is unique, amazing and beautiful. Nature fascinates us to enjoy. But there are places that can bring us harm. One such place is the lake of death in Sicily . The lake of death identified as unique natural phenomena. Even the name speaks for itself. In the end, this lake is dangerous to all life on our planet. Anyone who enters this lake will be destroyed. The lake of death is the most dangerous place on the planet. In the lake there is absolutely no life. On the shore of the lake lifeless desert, because there nothing grows. This is because any who fall into this lake dies. Even if people decide to swim in the lake, it dissolve there for a few minutes. After scientists found out about this lake of death in Sicily, I immediately sent out a scientific expedition to study this phenomenon. The lake gives up its secrets very hard, but, nevertheless, scientists were able to discover that the lake has a lot of concentrated sulfuric acid. Scientists have long puzzled over where same large amount of sulfuric acid.

Several hypotheses about the lake of death

The first hypothesis, that at the bottom of the lake there are rocks that are rich in acid, but the theory is not confirmed.

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