The Altai is a captivating edge
  All who enjoy outdoor and leisure activities, should at least once in life to visit the Altai territory. It is called the Paradise for tourists. Here everyone will find…

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Rowing Azerbaijan
  Lake Kösen - Am is the largest Alpine lake in the North Caucasus, situated in the mountainous region of Chechnya, on the southern slope of the Andean mountain range,…

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In some places in Russia worth a visit


Bored you will not local cafe, interesting excursions, and of course good company of people who appreciate the beauty of mother nature.

For over a hundred meters from the shore of this lake, you can safely walk on foot, but the feeling with this, like you walk the sky. The blue expanse of the sky reflected on the water and feeling the stories will not leave you.

The native counterpart of Easter island can be considered the Lena pillars. These cliffs – the giants from a distance it looks like a silent stone soldiers. It is best to visit this magical place in the spring and summer on the boat.

Another wonder of the world – Orda cave. This is the biggest longest cave in Russia. To study its intricate alleys and mazes.

And if you have the opportunity to visit her under the water with scuba diving, then don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the magic of this cave.

I cannot say enough about the Kamchatka valley of geysers. A deep canyon in 6 square kilometers in size, full of hot springs, geysers and waterfalls. This place is full position in the list of Russian wonders of the world.

Do not forget about the largest waterfall in Asia – Kynsilaukka. This is the most scenic and beautiful waterfall. Amazingly clean air and the sound of water does not let anyone to remain unimpressed.

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The Lake of Sasyk, or Sasyk-Sivash


Sasyk, lake Sasyk-Sivash (Ukr. The ones are Sasyk and the ones are Sasyk-Sivash, crimscott. Sasıq, Sasıq Sıvaş, Sasyk, lake Sasyk, Sivas) is the largest lake and saline lake on the Crimean Peninsula, situated between the city of Yevpatoriya and Saki on the territory of the Saksky area and the Evpatoria city Council (partial). Area — 75,3 km2. Type TDS — salt. Origin — flooded. The group of hydrological regime — closed.

Included in Evpatoria group of lakes. Length — 14 km Width average is 5.5 km, the largest is 9 km, average Depth — 0.5 m, maximum is 1.2 m. the Height above sea level: -0.6 m From the sea separated by the embankment width of 0.9 to 1.7 km away. In summer, the area is significantly reduced, the salinity of the water increases. The lake is therapeutic and is used for recreation.

Sasyk is separated from the Black sea by the isthmus through which the road Evpatoria—Saki and train Yevpatoria—Ostriakovo. Lake basin of the reservoir is irregular elongated shape, elongated from West to East. The shore is flat, except for some areas on the East — steep. Rivers do not flow. South shore adjacent to the isthmus of straight and follows the line of the shoreline of the sea; Continue reading