Russian Internal waters: Lakes
  On the territory of Russia there are over 2 million lakes. Basically it is a small lake with a water surface area less 1 km2. Large lakes are few.…

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Journey to the Loch ness story,
  Loch ness in the North of Scotland became world famous thanks to the legend of the Loch Ness monster Nessie (Nessie). The stories of "eyewitnesses" for hundreds of years…

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Trip to Chao Lan lake


National Park Khao SOK — it is the primordial jungle, according to scientists. age of trees in the Park 160 million years, from ancient karst mountains, the height of which can reach up to 1000 meters. The biggest fault of these mountains created a lake, and most recently, in 1982. The depth of the lake is 150 meters.

Indescribable. Unreal. Very nice. But everything in order.

Phuket we were a company of 6 people. We rented a car Toyota Avanza. paying 1200 baht for each day of rental. I must say that the car, in my purely female view, not suitable for traveling long distances due to the fact that it does not boot. Where to put things 6 people — is unclear. Okay, I’m Packed and hit the road.

Road no one knew, went, as was shown by the Navigator and the driver. In total to go there about 3-4 hours from Phuket.

Along the way we stopped at an amazing temple with a huge statue of a sitting monk. Pofotkalis, stretched ass and on the road.

Arrived at the lake. The road, despite the fact that we didn’t know how to drive, took us almost 5 hours.

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Water resources


The number of natural and artificial reservoirs, water and hydropower resources of the Perm Krai ranks first in the Urals. According to official figures, the water Fund of the Perm region are: about 29 thousand rivers with a total length of more than 90 thousand kilometers (for comparison, the same length are all Russian Railways); about 800 lakes with a total area of over 120 square kilometers; nearly 1,000 wetlands, along with marshy forests occupy over 25 thousand square kilometers of area; various types of underground waters; snow — 2 perennial snowfield located at the North-East region in the Tulym range; ice cave more than 10 karst caves; 3 reservoir area of more than 3 thousand square kilometers; almost 500 ponds; 2 ancient interbasin canal: North-Catherine — between Gorichem and North Keltoi and Prokop — between Chepsoi in the basin of the Vyatka and Culicidae in the pool of Ocher. The main river of the Perm region, and just West of the Urals certainly is the Kama river.

the Kama river

Rzigalinski waterfalls

The largest lakes are located in the North of the Perm region:

Chusovoy (19,4 sq km)

Big Comicus (17.8 square miles)

Novogilova (7,12 sq km)

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The most Beautiful lake of Italy


Turkey is attractive for tourists not only for its warm sea and hot climate, and many attractions. Between mount Taurus and the Mediterranean sea, is one of the most beautiful resorts. Relax on the Italian lakes considered in our prestigious and fashionable. The lakes are named Garda, Como and Lago Maggiore.


This lake belongs to the category of the largest inland water body Italy because its area is 370 square kilometres. Here long been popular with tourists and various artists, which include painters, sculptors and other not indifferent to the beauty of the people. Here is located Villa charismatic poet by the name of Gaius Catullus. On the ancient excavations, you can see the unique items collected by archaeologists. There are close to the lake, well-preserved and a little spooky Castello Scaligero, which resembles the architectural plan of the Kremlin of Moscow.

Lake Garda come to rest with their families. For kids and teenagers it created a whole leisure centre with a modern Aqua Park, huge aquarium and artificial coral reef.


Como is the most romantic body of water in the country, has an original configuration, the origin of which the lake derives the path of a huge glacier. Como is a great place for a honeymoon. On the lake the mass of secluded coves and caves. There is a wonderful Continue reading