The Earth Chronicles
may 18, 1960 three priests said that they had seen loadingrow monster in Lough REE in Ireland.This is one of three lakes in Ireland, which saw a monster. In 2001,…

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The Amazing lake
  Objectives:1.Learn interesting facts about ozera.Why the lake is a mystery of nature Blue lake is located 30 km South of the city of Nalchik From the history of research…

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Other shore: lake alternative the seas


The beach, swimming and even tanning is not always a holiday at the sea. No less remarkably, under the same motto you can relax on the lake. On earth, there is an amazing lake, so we offer this summer to spend the holidays outside the box — fresh bodies of water.

At the time, the beauty of this lake is appreciated Byron, Balzac and Nietzsche. Its quiet charm invites to lead a regular life — sunbathing and swimming in the waters of the lovely beaches, stroll the old streets of Orta San Giulio. And still — for hours, phlegmatic to sit on the terraces of the cozy taverns, overlooking the picturesque expanse of the lake. Orta is next to a typical Piedmont village dotted with colorful houses. Part of the city is the lake island of San Giulio, on which stands the ancient Basilica, the cemetery and the Benedictine monastery. In the morning mist Orta looks absolutely magical. The city has no luxury hotels, but quite comfortable and cozy guest houses are numerous. There are also lots of nice restaurants. But experts suggest that you remove near the lake apartment or room — that’s the beauty of non-tourist region. The hosts will feed you with national dishes — this is a great opportunity to sample the local cuisine.

Lake Constance

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More about vacation spot


In this wonderful place the child can breathe the atmosphere of care, kindness, attention. Children waiting for the sun, a lot of new friends,cheerfulness and energy for the new academic year. The summer camp operates on the extensive program that provides not only relaxation, but also contributes to the development of the creative potential of the child.

Each day at camp is an amazing and unique; the child will choose something to their liking in one of the workshops of sporting, creative and applied projects.

In our camp children’s imagination finds fertile ground for the development of children’s mind – food for constant reflection, children energy – output in the form of creative activities and the help of friends.

Methods and techniques of recreation holidays for children

The rational day regimen with alternating all kinds of activities:

– maximum stay of children in the fresh air and the use of natural forces of nature;

– rest, sleep, a full five meals a day;

– conduct health, sports, cultural activities: gymnastics, study groups, trips, excursions, and guided games area, sports competitions, events, workshops.

Why Your child should come to rest in our camp «New Wave”?

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The Amazing Martino lake

Martino lake is located in the mountains of Western Sayan, Ergaki famous. What in it surprising? In Sunny, clear weather is the most usual mountain lake. Beautiful, but no more. If anyone saw Sassyk-Kul lake or even lake Baikal, and those are already hard to surprise. But if you are lucky enough to see Martino lake under the cloud, then you expect miracles.

Let’s start with the fact that the lake has only one shore. There is no other, though in the binoculars stare at him. Of course, it’s a joke. Though, who knows.

In Sunny weather photographers rarely go here. There are more interesting objects.

This summer we twice observed a strange phenomenon about which I had heard before but not believed. It all started with clear, Sunny weather. The group of photographers sat in camp, waiting out the sun. But suddenly from around the corner jumped out a big cloud. It quickly covered the whole valley, was even dark. Not as dark as the night, of course, but noticeable. We immediately realized that in this weather we would rather be on the shore of a mysterious lake. Picking up the camera, we ran a run. To the lake quite far and we wanted to catch.

On the way we caught in the rain, but that won’t stop us. You can walk the capes, and to photograph under an umbrella. However, on the shore Continue reading

Lake Nam-TSO is the highest lake in the world Exclusive
  About 200 years ago, in the late tertiary and early Quaternary took place gornolyzhnye Himalayan movement, which led to a significant increase in the earth's crust in the Qinghai-Tibetan…


Holidays at the lakes in Austria, the rest on the lakes of Austria in summer
  Rest on the lakes in Austria, the best tours in Austria, prices, reviews. Rest on the lakes of Austria in summer, hotels, last minute tours to Austria, Austria Carinthia…

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