Posted November 23, As can use either setting and same results and other choices don’t work other then Hauppauge which I haven’t tested to see if everything works at that setting I think it will. However, in my experience with HDTV during my internship, I do know that i has a maximum bit rate of Posted August 13, I would do more online research before I purchased just for that purpose. That means a full hour of i HDTV may take upwards of 8.

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Analogue tuner seems weak or maybe needs a different antenna. I had a poke around but only came accross devices that support one or the the other but not both.

I would do more online research before I purchased just for that purpose.

Hauppauge Wintv-hvr Mac Drivers – egglivin

Anyway great price and works better then my HDTV box in the living room. The lack of reception was either caused by interference since the antenna is not outsideor the fact that not every channel broadcasts all the time. Antenna is small 15 in tall so smaller then most rabbit ears.

One may be available as an hvr-905q upgrade; Support was added for the optional remote in the LinuxTV driver in hg version November 16, Those stations used to be provided as clear QAM, but now the cable companies scramble them. If only it would shut down when it was done Minor Glitches During my evaluation of this unit, I ran across a few minor glitches.

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No glitches, no video quality issues, and overall the experience was good enough that I could comfortably abandon my regularly watched TV set. I did stumble across the Defyne resource but found that Leopard is not supported.

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Despite the fact that the Quick Start guide mentioned this problem, Hauppauge really should have fixed this problem before this product was released. Thanks for your answers! There is the mac-specific hybrid. So I am wondering if someone else managed to get their TV card working in Leopard and Windows, or if someone is aware of a product that supports both.

No luck so far. Fortunately, it always comes back to working status after reinstalling. Thanks a lot for your input!

The ideal product would also allow me to use my Apple remote with Leopard, or let me nac the bundled remote like an Apple remote e. By alepro2November 18, in Hardware Components and Drivers.

SVCD about the same bit rate as cable requires 1. It’s a state-of-the-art software. The two clicks install wizard Upon starting the WinTV application, the first thing the program did was prompt you to search for all available channels. Posted September 13, Then I hit a break in my search for a TV Tuner.

Secondly, and more importantly, updating the video card drivers will cause the WinTV application to stop working. That is a fairly significant percentage given the power of the Core 2 at 2.

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WinTV-HVR-950Q for Mac’s and PC’s:

Posted November 19, Your apartment, the park, hotel room, and even an airport terminal could provide the signal quality and reception that you need in order to view TV with this device. Just check if you buy the software the key you get works for any mav, they used to tie keys to particular hardware.

Author Write something about yourself. HDTV is, again, another matter entirely with regards to its storage requirements. There are four settings that can be used to record SDTV, of which the highest setting records at about 2. Hv-950q tuning to a channel with a low quality signal, the device would display a stuttering video until it received a command to tune to a stronger channel.

As you can see, the TV tuner with the included antenna can get quite a few channels out-of-the-box. But it does its job well, so I am not going to complain. To remedy this problem, I recommend obtaining a simple and passive cable coax splitter.