Home Site map Contact Us. There’s nothing noteworthy about the alignment, other than it may be a little to close to the edge. Keep in mind the notes made earlier regarding AGP card and ram access. In terms of sound quality, I found gaming to be very acceptable, and ever since Scott posted in our forums how much he enjoyed Evanescence – Fallen , I’ve been listening to that quite a bit as well. Mushkin calls this board problematic and attributes the memory problems to forced implementation of PAT that is not normally present in

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You can tweak pretty much anything, from processor, to memory to AGP and lastly the voltage of select items. Located below the 4 phase power system is the ATX12V connector. We disabled firewire and audio on both boards, but left all other features alone in the BIOS menu on any of the is7/is7-g/iw7-e being tested.

Abit Mainboard IS7/IS7-G/IS7-E BIOS Version 1.7

CPU utilization is 0. What is good bait you don’t have any capacitors grouped around the jumper, which makes it a simple affair to grab on to it. IC7 – Pre Game Accelerator. This is also where the end user goes to enable the “performance mode” for the memory.

Abit Mainboard IS7/IS7-G/IS7-E BIOS Version | Opendrivers

It’s not the end of the world, given that the slowest CPU you would ideally be using with the IC7 is a 2. Your PC ram can now run full bore, and in Dual Channel mode, offering up to 6. This glow-in-the-dark feature is especially handy if you’re afraid of the dark. The results don’t lie! Performance is in line with the last Intel ICH5 we’ve tested. is7/s7-g/is7-e

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Although, in the end, I believe this is only going to help Intel as I feel the majority of enthusiasts are talking up and buying Intel products. This is truer for gamers more than any other audience, especially when you consider the fact that there isn’t a single laptop in existence that is powered is7/iw7-g/is7-e a DX9 GPU.

What happens when we up the resolution and detail level to settings most people would play with a similar setup? The results are amazing and we held our planned Monday review and bumped up the ABIT IS7 review as the results may drastically affect your next purchase. The first thing we’ll check is7/is7-g/is7- the audio. We’re still up in the air about 3D Mark here at VL.

Hopefully we’ll remedy this situation in the near biox. The chip allows for the connection of three IEEE devices. Home Site map Contact Us.

Other than that, performance trends are in line with those found in SiSoft, so maybe it’s time to checkout some real world benchmarks. Like the IC7, the IS7 shows excellent performance when overclocked, and it runs at these settings with total ease. It is possible that your power cable may drape across your ram if you’re the type who just plugs things in without routing it neatly.


I’m thinking about getting a board instead. Speaking of which, the IS7 supports up to 4GB of ram. We used the [H]ardocp UT Benchmarking utility version 2. If you want to see the results of other Canterwoods using an identical setup please look at our performance testing chart on our 4-Way Canterwood Round-Up! Basically, these are simply board layout issues, and the IS7’s strengths greatly outweigh these annoyances. The key will be as follows: Could this be the P4 based mainboard to buy?

The only other area of note they are all important, but for those who like to dabble in the art of voiding their warranty… is the Advanced Chipset Features.

We covered the Game Accelerator just over a week ago, but in a nutshell, it’s a series of memory optimizations. As we’ve seen in the benchmarks today, similar performance between ABIT’s implementation of the Springdale and Canterwood.

We have found this to aid in routing cables in most cases, but in some cases is/7is7-g/is7-e can only make the issues worse. The onboard sound is controlled by the Realtek ALC sound-chip.

The next overclock was FSB, and in order to do so, we needed to run the ram at 5: